Minor Balto Characters

Minor Balto Characters

The last few designs for this tiny project: a handful of incredibly minor characters. Ya know, everyoneís favorites.

Left to right: Dixie, Doc, Togo

Dixieís design didnít warrant changing, I just redid her for funsies. I dig her original look in concept art tbh. According to Simon Wells, director of the first and only decent Balto movie, Dixie is a Pomeranian. Despite how Pomsí faces tend to get lighter, not darker, with age, I think something Pom-y is added to her design with the muzzle marking.

Doc is also supposed to be a breed he doesnít much resemble: a St. Bernard. Heís the one who holds meetings with the other dogs, if you donít recall. I believe the reason heís given more importance then other dogs is because he originally was more involved in the story. He was the doctorís dog (hence his name) and it was he who let Balto and Jenna into the boiler room, which makes a LOT more sense then Balto spontaneously knowing how to break into the underside of a hospital lol

The last guy isnít in the film or original drafts so far as I know. Heís Togo, the once oft-overlooked and now weirdly overcredited dog who also participated in the serum run. Heís an incredibly minor character in the rewrite, appearing only once or twice. Heís meant to look like a generic background dog. He ended up looking too much like Kaltag for my tastes, but thatís what happens when your reference pool of canon body types is limited.

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