Jenna Redesign

Jenna Redesign

Smurfette called, she wants her principle back.

There’s two common gripes regarding Jenna’s design that I see a lot among analytical fans: she’s bright red and too skinny. Her being bright red is good ackshually because red + snow is gorgeous, but yes she’s super itty bitty. If you accidentally bumped into her, her ankles would shatter. I thought one of her earlier designs where she was a bit thicker and had a blunter face made her look both cute and less malnourished, so this is what I settled on. Now she’s fluffy like all the other dogs!

Jenna is annoyingly passive. She sits there crying over her owner, she knows Balto left to do something about it… and from that point on we see her for maybe 15 combined minutes of runtime. Yawn. People insist she’s a strong female character because she bit a bear all of one time… before being carted out of the plot forever. Seriously, force her back home if you want, but give us a reason to like her first. Also give us a reason as to why she likes Balto, it’s implied they’ve only spoken one whole time before they get dogmarried.

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