You don't know me

You don't know me

I just binge watched the fourth season of Wentworth ( its the realistic version of orange is the new black)

The theme song mad em wanna draw this

You don't know me, when I dont know you

You don't know me, When I dont know you

You're calling me in, and catching me out (x3)

One two shine your shoes

three four Shut the door

Five six don't do tricks

Seven eight see em straight

Nine ten do it again

Mama said don't make noise,Keep away from the gangster boys

I never did what mama said, I went and played with the gangster boys instead

You don't know me when I don't know you (x4)

One two three four Never tell them what you saw

Five six seven eight stay in line and dont be late

Nine ten eleven twelve Now I know a place called hell

You're calling me in and catching me out (x2)

You dont know me when I dont know you (til the end of the song

Nuk and Aleu belong to (C) universal
Song(C) Pleasantville/Wentworth

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