Free Female Lineart

Free Female Lineart

The same rules apply towards this and my other lineart. Questions are encouraged if they arise, other words...enjoy! (:

1.)Please take time and effort into using these. As much patience was given into this, I expect the same and to do a neat job as I would expect from you as an artist. No, it does not have to be perfect, just something that is except able and decent.

2.)Please, credit is needed. You may take off my signature at the bottom, but it is required of you to at least list me in comments, or in any paragraph, bio, etc.

3.)These can be used anywhere and for anything. Profile dolls, icons, character sheets, placing them on backgrounds or any other details, references, etc. If you have any other idea and aren't sure if it is O.K with me, by all means I am willing to answer any questions. NO, this is not okay to trace or take from me and be claimed as your own. Such manners will be reported.

4.)If you would like to (this is optional), I would really love to see your finished results!

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This drawing was created by Cinnamon. and shouldn't be used without permission!
Please respect the artists!


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November 10, 2013
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
I'm definitely thinking about using this for my character Arrow, but I'm also questioning whether or not my artistic abilities would do it justice.

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