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Very cute and very charming,

I really enjoyed Balto as a film. It has everything that a film like this needs to stand out and have it's own style, but I wouldn't say it's a masterpiece like everyone on this site says. I assume that this is because I never grew up with Balto, so I don't have a deeper connection towards it. I totally see why everyone loves it, but it didn't get that same connection out of me. I just plain like it. The story for example does of course take it's liberty's on the actual story of Balto, but the changes they made are clever yet do still respect the actual story of the Dog. It's just the first Act that I can't really get into. It's just kinda slow and awkward and it doesn't really get going til they finally start the plot of Balto going out to save Steele and his Gang to safely deliver the Antidote. Also, the Comedy feels a little forced in. These writers can write more serious stuff okay, but when they try to be funny it's more of a mixed bag. I like Boris, Muk and Luk okay, but they don't really make me laugh. Also, speaking of the characters, I feel like I've seen most of them before. You still root for them, but they're, how do I say this... kinda boring. Balto is just your typical Underdog who has to prove himself to everyone, Jenna is just another love-interest type character and Steele is a cool villian, but he doesn't have much depth outside of being a jerk. One thing I will say about this film though is that it's gorgeous. The backgrounds, the designs, the character Animation, all of it is beautifully crafted and still holds up today. In general, Balto is not a bad flick. It's really good, but I can't say I like it as much as everybody else. If you are a dog/wolf lover or just want to see a humble little animated film, then check it out.

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