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Balto is the best movie in the world,

personally,i believe Simon wells ( and the other animators,editors,etc.) did a very good job on Balto and i have many reasons to prove it.

first of all the animation was great! of course, it wasn't the best animation I've seen, after all some of the parts may look sloppy, but the way they animated and edited balto was fanomonal! how his ears go back when hes sad or mad or even just how he looks so cute in certain parts of the movie show his true character.

second, the storyline was great! though it doesn't really go to well with the true storyline, it was and is a great movie. i love how they made the traitorous dangers in balto or the scenes when the occasion makes you want to hug balto. i also love how they make Steele so ignorant and balto so kind and just trying to help. and those are just some reasons i love the balto storyline.

third reason, is the humor! balto altogether is just a laugh out loud tale! it makes me laugh when Boris or muk and luk do something funny. another humorous thing is how balto and Boris act with each other. balto is always confident and has hope as for  Boris, he's always telling balto to stay on the sidelines and be safe.

in conclusion, balto was just a once in a life time great film which i will never forget and for all those reasons ( even some i didn't write on this review ) i gave it a ten star rating and maybe, you will too.

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September 25, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
Your review has all the right aspects to make a fair review of a movie. Though it could be a bit more detailed. The problem here is that your grammar and sentence structure needs major revision, as it is very poor-quality work in that regard.

Capitalization opening every sentence, capitalization of proper names, spacing, proper use of punctuation, spelling and sentence construction and structure...these are essentials for writing, well, pretty much anything. Not only does it help people who speak your own language understand better what you are trying to say, but it is utterly essential to help foreign speakers to understand what it is you are trying to say. And remember, we're part of an international community here, and not everyone speaks English as a first language.

I suggest working on correcting this.

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