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An underrated gem!,

Balto was one of those films that I never got to see as a child. (I never heard about it or even seen it everywhere, so I didn't even know that it existed.) I've heard about Balto around 2010 when I watched Wings Of Change. I've seen posts about the first Balto and thought it looked like a cute film. In 2012 I had seen Balto for the first time over on YouTube and I couldn't understand why this film was underrated. It was great! In October of 2012, I got the first movie on DVD.

The characters:

If there is one thing I enjoy about Balto it's the characters! I adored the character designs and really honestly didn't find any of the characters annoying. Balto is that character that I can relate to the most though, which is one of the reasons why I think I really love this movie. Balto is your typical underdog character, and for me, those are the type of characters that I can relate to the most. I really felt the emotions that Balto felt while watching this film. The voice actors were great as well. I really loved Kevin Bacon as Balto, Bridget Fonda as Jenna, and Jim Cummings as Steele. I'd personally rate the characters in this movie an 8/10.

The story:

Storywise, This movie is loosely based off of the true story of Balto. I consider that making this movie not very original, however, The story was interesting enough for me and very cute. (Very cute meaning the love between Balto and Jenna.) A diease hits Nome, Alaska in 1925, and the children of Nome get very sick. A team of dogs is sent out to retrieve the medicine in Nenanna. But when the team gets lost on the way back to Nome, Balto is their only hope. There was a little humor with this movie, Which I enjoyed. Boris and Muk and Luk I considered funny characters. There are a lot of emotional moments within this movie. For example, Steele bullying Balto and trying to take Jenna away from him, and Balto's feelings towards seeing Rosy and the other children very sick. I'd rate the story in this movie a 6/10.

The animation:

The animation in Balto is just beautiful! Of coarse, this is no Disney animation or anything, but in my opinion, the animation in this movie is quite great. While the characters are beautifully animated in this movie, it is not my favorite part of it. The backgrounds are! I'm in love with the backgrounds. The backgrounds in this film are actually painted, and that to me, shows that this film is a real work of art! I'd rate the animation a 9/10.

The music:

I love the music in Balto the most out of everything! James Horner is a great composer for film scores. I really could feel the emotion from within this film partly due to this films soundtrack! Every score here is just beautiful. My favorites being, Heritage of the wolf, Balto brings the medicine, and Steele's treachery. I feel that the music in this movie fits qiute well with everything else in this movie. All in all, I'd rate the music as a 10/10. 

Other notes:

In conclusion, I would say that I'd absoultely adored Balto, All because of the great story, music, animation, and characters that I could really relate to. Balto was that film that got me through some rough times. (A breakup when I was in 8th grade and me being bullied when I was in 8th grade.) If you haven't seen Balto yet, I'd highly recommend it. It's a film worth watching! 

*Sorry about any errors I might have made when writing this. This is my first review. I shall fix any mistakes that occur.*


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October 15, 2018
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I think I may have finally realized why the film Balto has kept a special place in my heart, it is because he became something important, and started out not taken very seriously, that is what I want to be and I am sure a lot of others but being that I love wolves and nature, this is one film that speaks to me.

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