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Once I first saw Balto I was too young to understand anything about it just that there was a cute dog running on the television screen. But only recently I watched it again and it was then I understood the beauty of this movie. The story of this movie all came from a true story that happened during the early 1920's when a diphtheria epidemic struck the town of Nome, Alaska. Due to blizzard forming the antitoxin was unable to be sent to Nome but as a last resort the serum was shipped via train to a town 600 miles from Nome. The only way of receiving the serum with teams of dogs. A relay team was formed to fetch the antitoxin; the last team of dogs to bring the antitoxin into Nome was lead by the famous Balto. Which is where the film, Balto transpired from. However there are various scenes that are different from the actually 1925 serum run.

Music in any movie is a key ingredient and the composers for this film were quite aware of this, using all different instruments they constructed beautiful melodies that suited every scene in the entire film. Not only this but the animation for this film was incredibly however I'm sure younger children today would disagree with me when I say this but the animators obviously worked hard to leave no stone unturned, by making all the characters move fluently, even the people in the crowds are move individually. In one scene for example such as the scene when Rosie is emitted into the hospital, when Jenna jumps from window to window inside there are kids and adults moving individually, demonstrating how hard to animators have worked to make this film seem as realistic as possible.

I could go on all day about how fantastic this movie is but I believe it is necessary to mention the superb job the actors did in this movie. Including of cause Miriam Margolyes, but most importantly the fantastic job Kevin Bacon (Voice of Balto) did in this movie, he really brought his character to laugh. Not to forget Bridget Fonda (Voice of Jenna) who also did a great job showing the different sides of her character, Jenna. One other person I believe deserves some credit is Bob Hoskins (Voice of Boris) he played a great role as Boris considering he doesn't have a Russian accent.

All round I must say that the creators of this movie succeeded in making it a great movie for all ages. One that will capture your heart.

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