Date : July 06, 2007

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IN "Balto" after Balto got teased by Steele & his trio & Balto & Boris went to their boat who where those three adult wolves and that one wolf pup? Was it probably, maybe, part of Balto's mother's pack and he didn't know them ,but they knew him or where  they just lone wolves?

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January 01, 2008
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Small but Determined
They were probably part of Balto's clan when he was a pup
before he got seperated. So they probably recognized Balto
and invited him to reunite with them again by howling.

December 10, 2007
Female Is not currently on the site
I think those three wolves were just random wolves that
Balto just so happened to notice.

July 13, 2007
Is not currently on the site
Don't fight over a question. There are chances that both of
you are right. No one REALLY knows.

July 12, 2007
Is not currently on the site
doesn't anyone read what i say! >=[ ARIU! you are wrong!

i study films! the wolves have allot to do
with the whole plot and mood of the story!!!! (their not
"just their")


July 10, 2007
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Nobody really knows. They were put there by the director to
show that Balto can't turn away from Nome and join a pack.
(I guess)

July 10, 2007
Is not currently on the site
the wolves you see in the seen are meant to represent
one side of Balto.
this seen happens right after
Balto is pushed away by the head musher and that again by
Jena's human. he is always being made fun of by the other
dogs because he is part wolf. (Balto doesn't like the fact
that he is part wolf)
you will notice
that the next seen after Balto sees the lone wolves... he
looks at the town and that Boris says "not a wolf, not a
dog, all he knows is what he is not"
so Balto
looking to the wolves and to the town shows that he is
struggling to find out who he is (cough between 2 lives).
and that is the relevance of the wolves.

July 07, 2007
Portugal Male Is not currently on the site
Probably they are just wolves that where there for no
specific reason. But that doesn't make the possibilty of
being from Aniu's pack unlikely!

July 07, 2007
Is not currently on the site
I say they were just lone wolves. What are the chances
they're part of Aniu's pack?

July 06, 2007
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
Could be part of Anui's pack, or some lone wolves. Pretty
much, they where just random wolves.

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