Did they REALLY exist, and DID it happen?

Date : December 30, 2010

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Wrelll o3o I don't really need to know this, but i think it might be good for the site xD

Well, we all know that balto is real, that he saved nome, right? but what about the other characters.. Muk & Luk And boris, i can't see really existing, but steele i think did... and POSSIBLY jenna. so DID they exist? And also, did steele reallly refuse to let balto take home the antidote? Things like that, and things like steele hating balto, loving Jenna, and Steele standing on balto's paw to make him look vicious :D i don't NEED to know, so don't stress, i just think it's good for the site xD  

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December 30, 2010
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
O' Cap'n My Cap'n!
What has been said so far by the others who answered is true. And actually, we have some true story material up on here, and more is coming (mostly on the forum). As Mighty said, you can always refer to the website I created (which she linked below), and questions here are quite welcome if you want to PM me or post in the true story board (in the Balto section) on the forum.

Frankly, I think you should try and develop some interest in the actual historical story...it is fascinating. And you would be surprised at what is there to learn.

December 30, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
Dr. Curtis Welch was real. Even though he wasn't named in the movie, it was obviously him. lol

December 30, 2010
Switzerland Female Is not currently on the site
Anastasia Admin
Only "Balto" was real, however, the movie's Balto is inacurate.

December 30, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Path of the Demon
No, The other characters are not real, nor is the cartoon version of Balto exactly true.

I suggest that you go here: www.Baltostruestory.com

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