A "batch" = how many?

Date : June 28, 2009

Category : Tutorials / creation problems

Question :

Concerning the adoption section.

What is a "batch" to you people?

I see tens of people throwing out "batches" of pups to adopt. I click it, expecting to see, I dunno, about a baker's dozen, seeing as you all randomly come up with hundreds of these atrocities faster than I can fry an egg, and yet I look and see a total of four characters to choose from.



Obviously you guys care more about the quantity than the quality of the characters you dish out to people, couldn't you at least give us people, who're the least bit serious about adopting a character, a bit of variety?

Cuz quite frankly, if I see one more white wolf with black paws up for adoption, I'm voting for Sarah Palin next election.

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June 29, 2009
Usa Is not currently on the site
I'm voting for Sarah Palin Anyway! She's awesome

June 28, 2009
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
Snap crackle pop
Your not the only one, Cat xD Let's call em ''factories'' where they constatley make hundreds of pups. Ethier they are too plain or the designs can be complicated to so unsual (like red or green and they look nothing like the parents. Most of the topics are like that >_> and there are very few topics where they have the GOOD stuff and everyone goes to the multicoloured rainbow pups instead.

Count me in with ya on that Sarah Palin election if I see another white wolf with black paws or a black wolf with white paws >_

June 28, 2009
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Small but Determined
Gawd, I hate it when people make hundreds of random wolves (speaking of that. it's always wolves or huskies, isn't it? it's got me sick.) that they made in a total of maybe five minutes. And all they did? Just markings. Such as, like you put it, a white wolf with black paws. Or they make them have only purple heads, only pink ears, only blue eyes (to get away with a blind dog. that's starting to get uncreative as well now, by my opinion.), only green tongues, you guess it! How could they ever call this a character? It's stupid, and should be against the rules. (Wait, it is now. That's right. And they still do this, claiming it's their own character they had for such a long time, when really they were bored and just made a simple one for fun?)
I'm really sick of it that not even having a reporting frenzy may help me now. In fact, I bet you that only 30% of the people on here know who the heck Sarah Palin is. I shall root you on for voting for her (speaking I'm too young to vote) if I see another one of those as well. >.>

June 28, 2009
Canada Female Is not currently on the site
I have to agree with you, a batch (to me and you anyway..xD) is a baker's dozen...Although...apparently, in Balbo world...it's not xD

Uhmm, but, I guess, for most people here...it means more than one or two. =/ xD

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