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Rules before asking a question., by MightyBalto1925
Allowd: - Well made/clearly stated questions
- Questions typed in English - Site related
questions (ex: profiles, fanart, r...

This is jut another reminder for members. Please
restrain yourself from asking a question right away and make
a seach before. 1. First off ...

Are Muk and Luk brothers?, by AlphaAleu
This question popped into my mind after re-watching
Baltos 2 and 3, are they related? In Wolf Quest, Muk says "I
wish we had a mom, too." Notic...

The white wolf, by Nakou
Hello Simon Wells! I was curious about knowing if you
had a precise idea about who the white wolf was for Balto:
his mother? father? brother? O...

Inspirations for Characters, by Somes
What was the inspiration behind Muk, Luk, and Boris? Did
the staff try to pull characteristics of the character's
respective voice actors into...

Researching Nome's appearance, by jerseycaptain
Simon, Please forgive the length of this
first question of mine, which has a few parts, but I think
you'll find it interesting and ...

Are screenshot backgrounds allowed for fan art?, by -WildFire-
Hello! I tried to search but I didn't seem to find
any questions like this asked before. So, I know photo
backgrounds are not allowed in fan a...

Character design, by #1SteeleFan
An absolute honor to be able to speak with you,
here's my question: Can you tell me more
of the backstory of Steele's char...

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