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Make \"Balto IV - Wolf Destiny\"

The making of "Balto IV - Wolf Destiny"-

hello everyone! my name is Stefan and I have loved Balto since I first saw the movie. unfortunately in the three movies we know almost nothing about the past of our beloved hero and, as many Balto's fans have been waiting for a fourth movie, I decided to make one with you. the movie is called "Balto IV - Wolf Destiny". here is what I need.

1)  someone to write the script for the movie based on this brief summary: "Balto has done a lot in the last 4 years, from running for serum, to saving Duke, to just being a father to his 6 now grown children. And with Balto finally being accepted in Nome by both dogs and humans, he couldn't be happier. However, when he begins to dream that his daughter Aleu is in danger, he must once again set out to save the wolf pack. However, as he embarks on this journey, secrets from his past are revealed, as well as a personal bloodline and a legacy beyond his imagination."
NB: The story must focus primarily on Balto's past and be very emotional.
Characters to be used in the story: 
* Balto
* Kodi: helps Balto
* Dusty: only seen when Balto and Jenna visit Kodi and Dusty.
* Jenna: only seen in the movie for the first few minutes and at the end.
* Boris, Muk, Luk: only seen when they warn Balto and Kodi about Duke's death ( unknown cause).
* Aniu: only seen for a few moments during the movie, until towards the end when she reveals the truth about Balto's past.
* Aleu: helps Balto.
* Fengen (antagonist): dark brown furred wolf and Balto's father.
* Tarkus: part of Aleu's pack. initially seems good, but then turns out to be with Fengen.
* Handya: black-furred wolf. scar near one eye. Tarkus' best friend.
* Kurat: beige furred wolf. Handya's best friend. seems bad, but he is not. he hates Tarkus

2) someone who is very good at 2D animation to make the animation for the film, which respects the designs of the previous films.

3) someone who composes the soundtrack (with Cubase or any other program) inspired by the soundtracks of the other movies, but without simply copying them. The soundtrack must be ORIGINAL.

4) actors voices:
* Balto: male
* Jenna: female
* Kodi: male
* Aleu: female
* Boris: male with russian accent
* Muk, Luk: male
* Aniu: female
* Aleu: female
* Fengen: male
* Tarkus: male
* Handya: male
* Kurat: male

For those who want to help me to make this movie, I created on Telegram a group called "The Making Of Balto 4". Here is the access link:

Deadline for this project : January 01, 2023

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