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Member since : 24 May 2012
My group : futago pass
Country : usa Usa
Gender : female Female
Characters : willow;


Last comments

April 28, 2016
Global Moderator Usa Is not currently on the site
Pretty good! just busy as all get out :C
Why do I do college. It's keelllin me.

April 13, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
God of Blancblack Castle
your art is wonderful!! ^_^
I JUST NOticed all of my characters have Somewhat expressive/feminine/eyeliner eyes and i ju ST
i don't know what it is but i Love it and u drew him spot on and i'm so happy

April 09, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
God of Blancblack Castle
hes Very photogenic... hes a star
ahh im sorry 2 hear that!! but yeah Definitely.. she's kicking butt!! >:3c
Yes... they eat the Weird things so we have to keep the garbage up All The Time and its like guys....

April 08, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
God of Blancblack Castle
SAMe she's relatable
YEAH she's v cute and soft.. she's been thru a lot and she's a sweet bean.. she likes to cuddle and chase a lazor light toy when she's having a good day :'3c
I WOULD HAte them too!! what a jerk >:(
she was Hungry.. if i was hungry enough i would eat my shirt too lm a o
our dogs don't really chew that much aside from tessa - she's a wolf/husky/gsd mix though so it's not Too far of a stretch but she will chew Anything in sight and she's like 4-5 years old lmao.. she's a big pup and she's Very Wild.. and our other one is a little mutt who looks like a large papillon mix! he tries to chew on kleenexes and here's a pretty picture of him making a good face we zoomed in on

April 08, 2016
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
God of Blancblack Castle
AT LEAST It's cute!!!
aww the poor bean!! i was going to ask if it was a natural cause (such as hip dysplasia) but that poor pup!! ;_;
i'm gonna push that "friend" off a 100 foot trampoline. bye felicia.
give ur pup lots of love for me!! :'3c i hope the checkup goes well!
we have a pup too, she's a border collie and she has a rare immune disorder called imha she got when she was 3. we literally paid 20,000+ dollars for treatment for her and she's been in remission for 2 years but now it's starting to act up again and the survival rates in general are a bit on the low side so we're really hoping for the best for her ;_; she's a sweet bean!
here's the weenis in her sweater 2 years ago when she had to have her tum shaved!!


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