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Hi, everyone!

I've been rounding this site since I was eight, and now that I'm grown, I made an account. This site helped me a lot in my drawings, techniques, ideas, poses and a a lot of things else! so that's why I want to return the favour to all these people who had helped me on the best age of my art, when I first started to establish my own style. I want them to know that they were who principally created my current style, and I want to help other people too, as a way to return them the favour. Fist of all, I'm going to thank to those people:

Kelev \ Catwhohas14tails \ Silver Deni \ Saske-italian-wolf \ Demon \ Jett \ Jordan \ Zuko the cat \ Hecate \ Beauty Jenna \ Draco \ Dragondrawer ...   there are so much galleries! then I'll keep looking, I missed a pair.

And the one who like Oliver J. Barking. This last helped me a lot and he\she doesn't appear in the site.

Besides all the auhors above, I want to thank to the director of the

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March 29, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Hey would you mind an art trade?

March 14, 2013
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Water Tribe
The only reason that the "unrelated to Balto" option is still there is that Steet's the only one who can remove it and he hasn't done so. Personally, I and a few others don't think it should ever have been there in the first place, but mreh. -shrug-

Yeah, I've seen anthro work here before, and honestly I don't have any issues with your drawing in an of itself. I remember that Dragondrawer in particular did them a lot, and he was good at it. XD That was in older days, though...I'm fairly sure that he left before I even became a "lurker". XD Back then there was still unrelated stuff, but people also posted their share of related stuff--and they did it because they wanted to, not to fill some silly ratio. Nowadays we've got a vast number of people who post nothing BUT unrelated stuff, which of course escalated into a problem, and so now it's no longer allowed at all. Of course, it shouldn't have been allowed to begin with--I'd think it would be common sense that a Balto fansite should be for Balto fanart--but then people were a little better about drawing canon characters vs. true fancharacters vs. OCs and other art and it wasn't as big of a deal.

January 25, 2013
Is not currently on the site
Oh dear lord you actually DID! X""D Im good~You?

January 13, 2013
Uk Female Is not currently on the site
you're very welcome ;)

November 10, 2012
Latvia Is not currently on the site
yeah, your right :P


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