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My email is actually ! I can't change it, for whatever reason!!!

Bonjour! I am taking French 1 - so I know basic language >.< SQUEEE!!!

Hey, um, I just realized my profile had way too many youtube vids in it, so I'm gonna put it under construction. Sorry I haven't been here in so long! One word: parents.

My fave things:

Balto - duhhh

Pokemon (T.R.R.)! I have a Mightyena, a Houndoom, a Chingling, a Dark Dragonair, a Lucario, and a Glaceon.

Dragon Knights Manga series (Let's go to the casino, Mr. Death Die!) also Fullmetal Alchemist and others

heavy metal (Lost Prophets, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, and Linkin Park my faves, yeah!)

drawing - duhhhh.

my gerbil - shes adorable... her coat is black and she has white bracelets, and her name is Sashi - which is a cutoff of Musashi, Jessie of Team Rocket's Japanese name

<- not her but still cute, yes?

randomness (I'm Mrs. NESBIT!!!)


Hey Bastet, I just remembered something... you are such a good friend I named an adorable Egyptian, ankh-carrying, winged, blue-striped kitty species after you! One of these, named Stripe, is in a story I'm working on called Delta: The Saga - A Story of Change.

The story is about a girl named Delta who learns her mother was the famous heroine Zarana and so journeys with a lot of friends to the cave of Lady Avenger to see if she can recover her lost mother's soul.

And by the way, according to the story, I am the 14th Phiwolf, protectorate and guardian of the Earth. How cool is that? My theme song is apparently Freak on a Leash by Korn. Look it up~


I have lots of other friends here too that are my best friends, like *DynaMight Cheezy*! Hi, Cheezy!!! :)

So don't think I'm leaving you out if you're one of my best friends!!


I got this cute lil' mov chimecho offa Wikipedia. Whaddaya think? Adorable or what?


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^:)^On youtube Im PhiWolf14 ^:)^


more on me later

See ya later!


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