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December 2nd, 2016: I know I've said it before, folks, but this time I'm in earnest, and I MEAN it--I'm done.á Because of recent events involving certain moderators and a very small handful of members who cannot accept that people have a right to their opinions, no matter how much they disagree with those opinions, and because the webmaster actively encourages censorship of those opinions in order to create a "safe space" for immature people, I've finally grown sick of it.á And I'm now joining the ranks of the multitude who have left this site for the same (or similar) reasons.á That this community is a sham...a failure.á A joke, in which only certain people are allowed in the sand box to play...the rest are kept cowed.

If you want to contact me off-site, where they cannot touch my opinions or my true revealing of the facts of this situation, reach out to me (if you're not doing so for their benefit).á I'll be happy to share.á If you can't find me, reach out to the several real friends I still have here.á They'll put you in touch with me.

I'm an opinionated person, and I will make absolutely no apologies for that.á Those opinions are backed up by years of education (up to and beyond a bachelor's degree at a university), and plenty of actual life experience.á And I have a conservative point of view...with a conservative, religious upbringing (Roman Catholic, not evangelical or fundamental) in a stable and traditional patriarchal nuclear family unit, with two parents who lived happily together until the day my father passed away (back in 2014).á They never divorced.á So I have an outlook on life which is not mired down in the misery born of divorced parents, drug abuse, physical or emotional abuse or anything of that nature.á Some people might interpret that lifestyle, and the high morality which comes with it, as hateful and archaic.á Frankly, if they think that, then they are the ones who are hateful and probably lacking in a moral standard, as far as I am concerned...because coming from a wholesome and positive upbringing, with a solid family life, a good education and a religious foundation, could not, in any way, ever be a bad thing.

So enough of the touchy, temperamental stuff.á XD



I love the classic animated movies of Disney, Universal, etc., and some of the CGI stuff that's come out recently.á But not being a furry, I like them either because of the actual story in them, or because of the characters, the production values, etc.á And I like SOME animated/CGI movies with anthropomorphic animal characters.á Just not for the same reasons that furries do.

I have never liked musical numbers in animated movies.á Song-and-dance routines in movies, where the characters break into some over-the-top Broadwayesque routine, as far as I am concerned, rob the movies of their impact and enjoyability.á If I want to go see a musical (which I almost never do), I'll go to a theater.á Characters shouldn't be breaking into song in the midst of a story.á Now it's different if there is some off-screen singer that the characters don't hear or know is there (because it's simply part of the soundtrack, telling part of the story).á That, to me, is totally fine so long as the song isn't some annoying or insipid piece of garbage.á As far as the movies currently represented on Animation Source, I am a definite fan of the three Balto movies (though I like the second one the least), of Zootopia (which you DON'T have to be a furry to enjoy, in case you didn't know), Robin Hood, Lady and the Tramp (not so much the sequel), The Jungle Book, Bambi (and its sequel), Brother Bear (and its sequel), the Despicable Me movies and Minions, The Secret of NIMH (not so much its sequel), The Fox and the Hound (not its sequel), all three Lion King movies (though, once again, the second one...Lion King 2, the least), 101 Dalmations (not the sequel), the Ice Age movies, and Bolt.á I also enjoyed the TaleSpin when it was on television back in the day.á However, I absolutely DESPISE My Little Pony and Frozen, and I simply really cannot get into the anime stuff and Gravity Falls.á To me, the former is just too out there in left field somewhere (in a very weird way), and the latter is just too ridiculous for me to take a lot of recent televised "comedic" cartoon series.

As to anime, since there are so many anime fans in this community as well, I do like SOME anime, but mostly a few of the classics (and ONLY their English dubs).á Each being grounded in some level of reality OR having deep, intelligent continuing story lines which aren't so cornball and hackneyed as to annoy me.á Series like Star Blazers (which has recently been completely redone as "Yamato 2199"), Speed Racer, and Battle of the Planets.á And, when I was a kid, I also liked Marine Boy (though not so much now).á I am definitely NOT a Pokemon fan, or a Ginga fan.á





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February 15, 2017
Usa Is not currently on the site
Hey its ol' cap'n crunch! I saw you at little round top today lol

November 30, 2016
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Omg can I steal that 'the more you know the dumber you sound to stupid people' image for my own profile? That's beautiful! xD

November 25, 2016
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Mine was small, but it was nice. :icon301:

November 24, 2016
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Path of the Demon
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a good one. :icon335:

November 11, 2016
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Path of the Demon
The expression is awesome as well. :icon300:


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