Balto Source newsDecember 21, 2007
Happy holidays!


To celebrate the holidays, and also the release of the final version of the forums phpBB 3, I've finally changed the forum theme! There are now two themes on the forum, one dedicated to Balto and one for The lion king. You can switch between them by going to "User control panel", then "Board preferences" and choose in the list "BaltoSource_theme" or "LionKingSource_theme".

I won't be here this week, so : merry christmas and happy new year 2008!


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Balto Source newsDecember 09, 2007
Listen to Balto musics!


I've added something that I wanted to add since a long time ago. Now, there's a music player on the site!

Just check the bottom of the left menu, and click on one of the Balto musics that you can listen to! I will progressively add new Balto musics into this playlist.

If this is possible, that's thanks to which is a free and legal streaming way to listen to musics.


Balto Source newsNovember 27, 2007
New search engine, new entrance pics


There have been many little updates on the site recently, but I didn't make a news about them.

As you've probably noticed, some of the members on the site will be able to post news on the site; they will focus on the things happenings on the site, could it be contests or a selection of the interesting articles posted.

I've programmed a new search engine. The previous one used Google, so it wasn't really dedicated to searching on the site. I've made one that should be enough exhaustive for you to search about anything concerning Balto or whatever you wish to search. For easier access, I've [...]

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Balto Source newsSeptember 22, 2007
New links, titles, galleries


As you probably noticed, there has been some core changes on the site.

- The most important is that I have changed the link addresses (URLs) of all the pages on the site. I'm sure most of you have fallen onto the "404 error page" with Balto's picture at some point...

The reason behind this is to make cleaner links, both for you and for the search engines.
For you, because now the titles of the fanfics, the names of your fanarts, or even the member names in the profile pages are included in the links, so that it's much cleaner than a list of numbers and parameters.
For the search [...]

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Balto Source newsSeptember 04, 2007
Balto, Land Before Time, An American Tail pack


Universal is going to release a dvd pack with the three films :

The pack's release date is 6th November 2007, for only 20$ - which seems to be an appropriate price. Only for the USA for now (there's a similar pack in Australia too, that was released several months ago)
At least! They didn't release anything about Balto in the USA since the release of Balto 3 two years ago. This isn't much but it's definitely a step in the right way. If you don't have these films on dvd yet, I say go for it!

I've made a lot of changes on the site too. Most changes are invisible to you - but [...]

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Balto Source newsAugust 05, 2007
Fanfic backups, and debugging


Some problems occured with the fanfics : sometimes, a member would report me that his fanfic got corrupted (deleted, or any other kind) and I wouldn't have anything else to say than "retype it", which is of course a problem. So now, I have included a versioning system : each time you save your fanfic, it generates a backup, so that in case of a problem, you can restore a previous version (and not lose all the time you spent writing them!)
Of course it still need you to click on the "save" button, but I'm studying the possibility to make the backups regularly while you're writing.

I've changed [...]

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Balto Source newsJuly 18, 2007
Forums upgrade


I've finally upgraded the forum to the latest version. (phpBB 3)
And yes, before you ask, this layout is only temporary!
This is the default one, and I find it horrible too - but it was not possible to convert the old one directly, so I will just take some time in the next few weeks to make a new one. For now, let the presentation for later, and concentrate on functionalities.

This update was necessary, because it adds many new functionalities that we were missing, such as sub-forums. Of course they are not all ready to use, I will need to configure the forum a bit. (for example I will add the [...]

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Balto Source newsJuly 08, 2007
Small update


You probably noticed some days ago that the site was migrating to a new server. Well the transition went well, the site is now being hosted on a more powerful machine with less traffic. There should be less slowdowns on the site now.
Also, I haven't been able to do much on the site these days, it's becoming difficult as I have less free time than before. But I'll try to keep up with regular updates. The upcoming one will be to upgrade to the newest version of the forums.

Update list :
- New poll on the site. Seems like I'll really have to do something about all these "potential signatures"...
- [...]

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Balto Source newsMay 19, 2007
New gamebook section!


Finally! Started more than one year ago, I've finally took the time to finish the gamebook section.
Most of you probably wonder, "what is a gamebook?" Well, to that, I'll answer that I made what I consider a good example :

Try and play it! There is one good end, and bad ends. Of course it's a bit short, but it surely is longer to make a gamebook than a fanfic - but a lot more interesting too, if you ask me...

The good part is that all of you can make gamebooks! The send system works, just go to the send page, choose "gamebooks" and follow the indications. The system to [...]

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Balto Source newsMay 13, 2007
New fan music section


There's a new fan section on the site : fan musics! The aim of this section is to post and show musics you created, music that could be used for a film soundtrack. Warning though, before you ask, only musics you composed entirely yourself will be accepted. So I don't expect many people to post there, but at least you'll now have an easier way for the few ones of you who know how to create music, to show it to all the visitors!
This section takes the place of the "goodies" section, which will temporarily disappear.

I have also updated the SPAW editor (the text editor you use for writing a [...]

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Balto Source newsMay 01, 2007
Bunch of corrections

  If you're australian, you may be interested into this. Two packs have been released in Australia : one pack with two other films (American tail and Beethoven), and one pack with the three Balto films.

Price : around 20-25 canadian dollars.
According to the online stores, it was released in January 2007 and are compatible with region 2 and 4 dvd players.
These should be examples of what Universal Studios in the United states should do! Why does the most important division of Universal never try anything like this?

Also, I've made a lot of [...]

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Balto Source newsApril 15, 2007
The *TRUE* Lion King Source design!

As you can see, the new Lion King Source design is finally online. Of course, the one I showed in the previous news was only an April Fool

So I used Vonikx's design, but modified it a bit to be less "greenish" and to stay compatible with Balto Source.

If you still see yellow parts from the previous design, press "CTRL + F5" on your keyboard to refresh your browser cache and see the true new design!

I tried to correct as many things as I could, but there still may be bugs around (especially color bugs), so don't hesitate to report them.

Also, this update comes with more deep changes, [...]

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Balto Source newsApril 01, 2007
The new Lion King Source design!


The contest is now finished. I'm sorry for everyone who participated into this contest, but I finally decided to make my own design, because I felt the ones you submitted weren't good enough.

So I took some hours to make a good one, that was a hard work but here's the final design that I will put on the site.

Click here to see the picture!

I hope everyone will like it! [...]

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Balto Source newsMarch 16, 2007
Little news


I am being a bit lazy these days, but I still worked a bit on the site.
There were a few performance improvements, so that the site should be more quick and reactive.
Also, the questions page display has been changed, and the mods can now close questions when they've been answered correctly, and link one question to another (when it's a question who has already been answered)

The LKS layout contest is now closed, you can still send me your work until the 19th when I will announce the winner(s).


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Balto Source newsFebruary 15, 2007
Contest : make a new layout for Lion King Source!


As many people reported, the current LKS layout has some problems. Among them, it is too bright, and the text colors are often difficult to read because too close with the background color. So, I would like to change it, but don't have too much time to make one myself.

That's why I have organised this contest. Everyone can participate. I'll give you one month to submit your creations.

Here's the link to the contest, with more details :

Link to the contest


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Balto Source newsFebruary 11, 2007
New fanart rule on the site


- This is a suggestion I received on the forums, and it seemed like a good idea, so I decided to add it.

The new rule is :

"From now on, fanart mods will upload your drawings only if there is at least ONE drawing of a Balto character in your gallery. If you don't have one, think about sending one... This is to make everyone remember that this is a Balto site, not a wolves or dogs site."

Please notice that it concerns official Balto characters. The characters you created are not considered Balto characters for this rule, even if they have the same style, and even you imagined them "in Balto's [...]

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Balto Source newsFebruary 02, 2007
Make your "Presentations"


- First, an important modification has been made to the fanfics send system. We have removed the possibility to send files directly on the site. This is because converting Word files is very difficult and a long task for the mods. So, without this option, the fanfics should be updated quicker than before.
Although, it's still possible to send the fanfics that you wrote in a file. Just choose the option to send files (the same as before), and follow the instructions. If you have any problem, send me a message.

- There's a new shout box, named "VIP". The main difference with the other shout [...]

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Balto Source newsJanuary 27, 2007
I'm an idiot


Phew...I made my "biggest" mistake on the site today.

I had been making many changes. Among them, I added the possibility to change your password, directly in your profile.
Unfortunately, I forgot one line in the query which change the passwords, and it changed EVERYONEs passwords...
So I restored the passwords from 10 days ago, which was my most recent backup.

To summarize :

- If you registered since more than 10 days, you should log in with the password you used 10 days ago.

- If you registered within the previous 10 days, you should ask for a password change. (to get a new one), and then log in [...]

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Balto Source newsJanuary 24, 2007
Minor updates

  Bug corrections :

- Corrected modifications on fan projects (which would sometimes be deleted instead of saved)
- Added more details on the "What's new" part on the main page of the site.
- Added a link to the rules in the email sent when registering on the site.
- Added an email check when registering on the site, to inform users when they write a wrong email address.

Updates :

- I've named Highland Wolf as forum section mod on the True story board.
- Changed the way for requesting a gallery entrance picture change : instead of sending an email, it nows tell all the fanarts mods which are the [...]

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Balto Source newsJanuary 16, 2007
Some corrections

  I've corrected some bugs on the site. Here's the list :

- When you change your name on the site, it will now automatically change the name of all the galleries you have on the site.
- Also, when you change your name, it now checks if there is the same name in the database already (to avoid multiple accounts with the same name)
- Corrected the negative numbers (drawings, for example) in the profiles. Although the numbers can still be wrong.
- Corrected the link to access your fanfic gallery on Lion King Source : it used to bring you to the french version of the site.
- Removed the possibility of [...]

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Balto Source newsJanuary 07, 2007
WolfQuest game


No, it's not a Balto game despite of the name, but I have the feeling this will interest most of you here.
This is a MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Game), currently in development, which features - as the name suggests - wolves as the main characters. It is a learning game, developed in relation with the Minnesota Zoo, although it still seems pretty interesting.

The homepage for this project can be found here :

Finally, it is planned to be released on December 2007. Mmm, maybe I should ask them if and when they will search for Beta testers?

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