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Street, March 29, 2016 10: 34
Can't believe this place is still somewhat active. Wow. I used to run "Balto's WebPage" back in the day.

LISSA MOORE, April 02, 2015 05: 55
just a wonderful page I am doing an essay on this film and have enjoyed this story so much I love the community effort along with how special balto was to find the wayn just beautiful

BaltoJenna963, August 26, 2014 14: 46
Belgian Baltofan. :D :) :P

Kodiak's Soul, November 11, 2013 04: 08
I am a newbie on this site but I love Balto !

Tor, September 26, 2013 00: 50
I like Balto's movies. I watch often Wolf Quest !

Derpy, August 17, 2013 18: 32
Et ben moi j'adore ce site dde plus faut rien rajouter ! a part.. que les personnes arrête toujours d'aller sur Roi lion source ! sa m'énerve sa !!! Alors voila.. bye

Aileen, December 30, 2012 23: 13
Great site, very informative and fun! 18 year old Balto fan here, may even become a member!

Lionking2001, November 26, 2012 21: 34
Thankyou for making this site i love the lion king and Balto

SnowGirly, November 13, 2012 07: 15
OMG! I love this movie! I love the love story and the eternal hero! Would it be possible to discuss this gang with the common theme, which is all the love? (:

Thyiam, October 30, 2012 16: 01
Dès que je suis venu, ce site m'avait plus par son originalité, mais aussi par la grande diversité des dessins animés s'y trouvant. Je ne regrette pas une seule fois de m'être inscrit, car j'ai fait la connaissance de personnes formidables, dont mon actuelle petite copine, que j'ai rencontré ici-même ^^ Que de bons souvenirs et de délires avec les membres sur la tchat box. Nous formons presque une grande et belle famille

dj, September 09, 2012 05: 25
Like this site!

Steele IceHeart, August 17, 2012 21: 39
Hey, furry friends! Best regards from Russia! ;)

Alue, August 16, 2012 19: 41
Balto is an amazing movie and true story.This website,one of the last remaining ones,is awsome!

whitewolf12, July 22, 2012 03: 31
i love balto & i love this site:D

koditheboy, June 15, 2012 23: 08
i love this site

aldothewolf, April 20, 2012 17: 46
this site its amazing, I'm really amazed, balto is the best of the world!!!!!!!!

anna gamarra-munoz, April 14, 2012 02: 53
This site has always been awesome since the first time I found it 2 months ago! I love everything thing about it!

GreenDay1, April 04, 2012 01: 57
I'm a huge fan of Balto! This site is so awesome!

Eaaifiwate, February 26, 2012 06: 45
Looking forward to enjoying and searching thru the site. Looks fun! Well done!

Pam Hunter Design, October 07, 2011 22: 48
I love the color and design of this site. Well done.


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