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From funny to serious... :

This is a biography about Toby, who is Balto and Jenna's son. In my version, he is the blue eyed pup. You will learn about his childhood and the dream of his owner. He sleds, and soon, is life will really change, because of his friends, his rival and a female dog...
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From funny to serious... Part 2 :

The next part of Toby's life. All informations are in the part 1 of the story.
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An Impossible love. :

After Steele learned that Jenna has chosen Balto instead of him, he became super mad and wants to take his revenge. Three years later, all of Jenna and Balto's pups grown up. Steele all hates them, instead of one... the different one, Aleu. He thought she could replace Jenna, although she didn't looked like Jenna. Aleu completely changed Steele for a better person, and Steele fells in love with this wolfdog. But there is one problem. ONE problem, the biggest one: Balto.
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Life after everything changed :

It's about Pheonix's life. He lived with his family, really happy, until a wolf pack attacked them, and killed his dad. His mother died some months after, leaving Pheonix and his sister Niagara alone. What happened next? Read the fanfic to know!
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Artist presentation

Hello! Welcome to my fanfic page ^^


I don't know what to say... xD I have a lot of projects for my fanfics, and I hope you'll like them! I accept ideas for my fanfics, and maybe a fanfic request.


Future Fanfics!


1. Life after everything changed part 2 and 3. About Pheonix's life in the pack, with friends and with family. In the part 2, he is finally falling in love with a wolf, but another she-wolf, who have a crush on him, tries to mess their lifes. The 3rd part includes his pups and his final ending.


2. Warriors of Heaven - Hell is taking control of heaven, and heaven is not enough strong for hell. So Aslesha takes 3 pups with her, to teach them how to be a warrior of the sky. She gives an element to th three of them, and she chooses the element of the sun, the one of the moon and the one of the star. When the pups grow up, Aslesha sends them on Earth so that they can be strong enough. Also a love story between the princess of Heaven Eliza and the prince of Hell, Owen.


3. Love can turn evil - Since forever, Dusty gives her hole love to Kodi. Kodi seems to like her too, until he defended a she-wolf from Steele. Kodi became friends with the she-wolf, then had a crush on her. Dusty tried to separate them, but Khloe and Kodi fell in love and became mates. Dusty finally had feelings for Ralph, who loved her back. But when Khloe gave birth, Dusty's love for Kodi came back...and she wants Kodi for her own.


4. Destiny Fangs, Wolf quest - It's like a book ^^ A young wolf named Nuka lived happily in her pack, until it got destroyed by a violent fire. All the pack dies, and Nuka is the only survivor. Remembering her father's sayings, she goes to find another pack. She finally meets the Silver Wind pack and spends the rest of her life with them. The Alpha tells her about Blood of Fire, their worst ennemies. So Nuka have to know how to fight agaisnt them.



I suck with descriptions xD Anyways, Enjoy my fanfics!!



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