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Luna I: The Beginning :

Luna is the daughter of Aniu, and so are he siblings, Solen, Tierran and Aaron as well. When they are young Aniu goes out hunting and never comes back. When Luna gathers up he bravery and gets help from the Shaded Forest Pack what will happen to the remains of her and her family?
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Becoming The Monster :

A poem I based off the song, "Where Do I Go From Here?" by Bryan Adams.
Length :

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Luna II: Two Lives Change One :

Luna goes to the Tree of Hope in search of her destiny. Legend has it that a moon pup born at the Tree of Hope will either save or destroy the packs. What she finds there will change her life forever...
Length :

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Luna III: Dangerious Decisions :

Luna just wanted to be normal, but that is impossible now that she has little Balto to watch over and protect. The very day David is captured, Luna also learns the hard truth about her destiny. But, is war to come or not? And how will David escape from the Shaded Forest pack without anyone finding out that David and Luna are friends?
Length :

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6 Months :

Starseeker is in the woods and comes across, Rush, a lone wolf without a pack or a family. She watches the stars one night with Rush and they fall asleep. They are woken by, Fuze, Star’s over-the-top protective father. They go to the Nome Pack’s campsite and Rush is accepted into the camp by, Liberty, the alpha female. The day Rush is accepted into the pack, he goes on a walk with Star and tells her he loves her. She runs off on a journey and Rush goes after her, but they both wonder; Are they meant to be mates? Or are the battles and deaths signs that they aren't meant to be?
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Rush's Life :

This was a poem I wrote in science class instead of doing some poster on DNA. It is about Rush's life.
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Artist presentation

I want you all to understand one thing. The Luna series and anything having to do with, Solen, Luna, Tierran and Aaron is fantasy and has nothing to relate to the other versions of Balto's puphood I make. I make several different versions of Balto's family tree. It's just with Luna I wanted to make a little bit of wolf's legends real. So here is the summary:

  • -Solen Goldensun, Luna Silvermoon, Tierran Greenearth and Aaron Clearsky are another version of Balto's family tree
  • -Luna is my fursona and her series is BASED off a real life. Most of her fanfics are unreal, and a small amout of it is a true story. (want to know what's true? Send me a pm)
  • -Rush fanfics are about Rush and HayleyWolf's version of her Balto family tree
  • -Thundercloud  and Swirl is a part of HayleyWolf's version of Balto's family also
  • -I respect the original Balto Family Tree and I do write stroies without the use of my characters and using realistic stories that can concern with the Balto films and using the original Balto Family Tree


Fanfics That Have Been Started

 -Painted Scars: Pablo, Karl and Alina were all painted but when, how and who? This explains where they came from, who painted them and why? Are they marked for greatness or do their marks show that they are a threat to the Cliffside Pack, just as Luna is to the Shaded Forest Pack? And why is it that Pablo, of all wolves was chosen to be the next Cliffside Pack alpha, like Nava, instead of much more better and qualified wolves?

STATUS: 5% Complete

WHEN IT WILL BE POSTED: After final editiing


-6 Pups: Starseeker is pregnant with six pups and Rush is the father. They have only known each other for six months and they decided they were ready to start a family and have pups. When Star tells Rush she is scared and exited. After that she tells her father, Fuze. Fuze is angry at Rush and disappointed in Star. Star is crushed by her parents’ disapproval and begins to cry as they walk off. Rush goes after his parents-in-law. Fuze is not ready to be a grandfather and he is infurated at Rush. Rush explodes on Fuze but after that Rush wonders, Will Fuze ever accept him? Will Fuze ever accept that the pups will come? Will Rush be a good father? Will Starseeker ever recover from her father’s disapproval?

STATUS: 5% Finished

WHEN IT WILL BE POSTED: Sometime in March


-Luna IV: The sequel to Luna III. A war threatens all the packs around Nome and Luna faces challenges unlike anyother. She meets the cold truth about David from her enemy, Karl. She doesn’t believe him, but soon she wonders, Is Karl right about David? And if so how will she face the hard and cold truth? 

STATUS: 10% complete

WHEN IT WILL BE POSTED: 1 week after 6 Pups


Fanfic Ideas:


-Star’s Star: Rush has a dream when he is an old wolf with Star. After his dream of Star’s death of old age, Rush wonders; what will he do when Starseeker becomes a star in the sky? Will Rush ask Aniu to go back to the sky and be part of the Sky Wolves’ Pack and be with Starseeker? Or will he decide to stay in the Nome Pack with his grown pups and live and eternity in the Nome Pack with his grown pups?


-Balto's Hero: Balto, is a young and curious pup. Balto decides to explore the world outside of his den when no one is watching him. Balto faces many dangers in one day, that will change his life forever, and his destiny as well.


-Escape and Forgive: Swirl and her siblings were stolen from their birth pack at a young age and brought to an evil and cruel pack full of hateful wolves. Swirl one day meets Cecil by accident. He has ran off from his pack and the two understand eachother’s feelings. They become friend and Cecil decides to help Swirl and her siblings escape the evil pack. But one thing stands in Cecil’s way, Thundercloud. Can Cecil overcome his grief to save Swirl? Or will Cecil never forgive himself because of his father's death? And how can Swirl escape from a pack of evil, large and strong wolves when their chances are so small?


-Fire's Love: Solen has grown up with Arlina in the Shaded Forest pack and begins to fall for her. He is going head over paws for her but her father, Huron does not approve. Solen can understand Huron doesn't want his daughter to be mates with a Fire Wolf but Solen's feelings for Arlina grow stronger and stronger every day and soon Solen faces facts.Should he disobey his alpha and become Arlina's mate? Or should he be like his sister, Luna, and never have a romantic relationship?


-Stars' Secrets: These are the tales of the element wolves and the legends of the wolves born of the stars. This is also the legends of Goldensun, Silvermoon, Greenearth, and Clearsky. This fic will also explain what any other fantasy wolf (like Sky Wolves) are.

(This Fanfic will assist you with the Luna series and any fanfic containing Solen Goldensun, Luna Silvermoon, Tierran Greenearth, and Aaron Clearsky. It also explains what Sky Wolves are.)


-Wind's Whispering Words: Aaron has also grown up in the Shaded Forest Pack, like his brother, Solen, he has grown up with Echo and has started to have feelings of love for her. He loves her like his love for the wind's whispers. But he faces some problems, Will Echo's father and the alpha of th Shaded Forest Pack, Huron, approve of yet another element wolf become mates with his second daughter? Or will Aaron have to give up on his hopes of being Echo's loveing mate? 


-Tierran's TIme: Tierran has grown up in the Shaded Forest Pack. She has become the best tracker and hunter but now it is time to hunt down a mate. Sadly, Tierran has had no luck for males and Luna, is not a good role model for relationships. When Tierran fineally gets her title, Greenearth, will she also find a mate like her brothers or will she become a lone wolf like, Luna, living on the edge and never havig anyone to trust with your love?

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