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6 Months :

Starseeker is in the woods and comes across, Rush, a lone wolf without a pack or a family. She watches the stars one night with Rush and they fall asleep. They are woken by, Fuze, Star’s over-the-top protective father. They go to the Nome Pack’s campsite and Rush is accepted into the camp by, Liberty, the alpha female. The day Rush is accepted into the pack, he goes on a walk with Star and tells her he loves her. She runs off on a journey and Rush goes after her, but they both wonder; Are they meant to be mates? Or are the battles and deaths signs that they aren't meant to be? **NOTE: I posted this exact fanfic in my old account. However, I want to continue the "6" Seires and I wanted to keep the fanfics on the same account. Please don't accuse me of Stealing from myself!!**
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Fanfics That Have Been Started:

- 6 Pups: Starseeker is pregnant with six pups and Rush is the father. They have only known each other for six months and they decided they were ready to start a family and have pups. When Star tells Rush she is scared and exited. After that she tells her father, Fuze. Fuze is angry at Rush and disappointed in Star. Star is crushed by her parents’ disapproval and begins to cry as they walk off. Rush goes after his parents-in-law. Fuze is not ready to be a grandfather and he is infurated at Rush. Rush explodes on Fuze but after that Rush wonders, Will Fuze ever accept him? Will Fuze ever accept that the pups will come? Will Rush be a good father? Will Starseeker ever recover from her father’s disapproval?



Aniu, Aleu, Nava, Balto


Starseeker, Fuze, Silver, Liberty, Latin, Tony, Kain, Victor

-alpha midnight-'s




STATUS: Drafting

WHEN IT WILL BE POSTED: October 2011 (at the latest)


- Fallen Star: This is the story that explains Rush's past. It includes Nava's life when he was a young adult and a young clan leader. It explain's Rush's story all the way up to 6 Months. (Sorry, I'm too lazy to write details right now)



Aniu, Nava






Rush, Comet, 

STATUS: Drafting



- The Sky Code: Have you ever wondered what sky Wolves are, or what they or their pack is about? Have you ever wanted to fully understand them and their rules? Well, now is your chance!  Read about all of the wolves that aren't living and aren't dead that heal those that are hurt, protect ones that can't fight, and keep the White Wolf and Black Buck's spirits strong.



The White Wolf


The Black Buck

Somes' & HayleyWolf's

Sky Wolves

STATUS: 5% Complete



Fanfic Ideas:

- 6 Choices: Continuation of the 6 Series


- 6 Reasons: Continuing the 6 Series


- Never Forget: Luka was adpoted to the musher of Steele, Kaltag, Nikki, and Star. She is trained to be a sled dog with Nikki, Kaltag ans Star looking out for her. But what happens when Steele makes a mistake and Luka is hurt, and everyond blames Steele because he has a mutual hate for Balto and Balto's kin?



Balto, Jenna, Nikki, Kaltag, Star, Steele, Aleu, Kodi


Luka, Kaasen, Keetna, Denali


- Bedtime Stories: A few fables told from a group of mothers and pup-sitters to young pups about the Sky Wolves. One story includes the story of the two soul mates that could read eachother's every thoughts, another includes the story of the reincarnated wolf, explaining why Half-bloods had become forbidden. It includes a few short stories about the pack's fairy tales, thought to be just bedtime stories for Earth Wolves; but actually the truth of the Sky Wolves.





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