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A poem for Alue :

this is a short poem for Alue when she's run away from her family to find out who she really is. It's not really seriously made but yeah. Enjoy anyway!
Length :

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Travel to White Mountain, part 1 :

This is my first story about the chars I've made up. It's about Catila, a toller bitch living in Nome who gets left behind by her owner Jack who moves to White Mountain. She decides to go after him and on her journey there, she comes across a very strange and particular mixbreed. Someone she soons realise, might not let her reach her goal...
Length :

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Travel to White Mountain part 2 :

This is the second part of my first story. Please be sure to read the first part, otherwise this might not make much sense at all.
Length :

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From Balto to Jenna :

just a little poem about how Balto thought about Jenna. this is before he did the race and saved Rosie and whole town, just so you know..
Length :

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Believe, my son :

another poem (or something like that). This takes place when Balto has fallen down into the valley with the medicine and his mother, Anui, helps him and gives him courage to continue the trip. Inspired while listening to the song "Heritage of the wolf".
Length :

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Balto's Nightmare :

A poem of one of Balto's Nightmares. Enjoy!
Length :

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the Voice of a Wolf's Heart :

An upcoming serie about a wolf named Anay and her companion Bruno who is living with the worst leader in the alaska forest. When the leader called Nook gives Anay a proposal she refuses to agree with, she and Bruno ends up going on an adventure they'd never dreamt of but that could also cost their lives. PG because of some violence.
Length :

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the voice of a wolf's heart part 2 :

this is second part of the Voice of a Wolf's Heart. I hope you'll enjoy it! NOTE! You need to have read the first part before reading this, otherwise things might not make much sense.
Length :

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Artist presentation

So please do leave a comment if you think my stories are somewhat entertaining.

I love to write and read which has been a main intrest ever since I was small when I couldn't even read by myself. So I'll let you read some of my writings, though I hope to get some feedback since my english isn't perfect at all, no far from it.


I'd like if you commented and gave ideas, it'd mean A LOT to me!


Fanfics I'm working on:

- The betrayal; when a new wolf arrives to town, Balto finds him at first as a very welcoming guest, someone he can relay to and talk with about his wolf heritage. But soon he starts to feel uneasy about the way this new wolf who seems to have his eyes on Jenna. What will happen when Jenna meets this new figure and will Balto have to fight in order to keep his love for Jenna?

- The continious chapter on the Voice of a wolf's heart.




Hope you'll enjoy reading my fanfics as much as I enjoyed writing them! 

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October 17, 2012
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Hey hey! Back again, just in case you nip in and have a look at your comments, I was just wondering if you were still writing? Please keep going, your writing is interesting and has it's own style. So please Write on!:)


May 23, 2011
Western_samoa Is not currently on the site
Looking forward to the big story hun ;)

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