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Balto's Resort Jenna's Worry :

Balto was happy, but now one thought has driven him to his last resort, a new team, a bad musher. Balto starts being late more and bails even. Jenna worrys about him, there pups are soon. It grows when Balto shows Jenna a friend he's had for a while and hid from her. Balto get's himself in trouble that might cost him his life. (The rating pg-13 for the following little language, some Violence, and mainly blood.)
Length :

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Balto's New life. :

Balto new life as a father. Meet Cinder a nutural best, Cronos a nutural untalented one. Life is getting hard until Hector returns and he wants Balto do something that threatens his life, and his Family. Prequel to Balto's War (PG little violence and blood, and language)
Length :

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Balto's War :

Balto is forced to war by his friend Hector with his family with him, when they arrive it's a lot bigger then any normal war, any wolf pack has ever had before. Balto learns of the heros of the wolves Hector knows about, Blood Wraith now sees his chance to get Balto. Balto is forced into battle can he surive this war or will he fall or will be his family that will pay the price. (PG-13 blood, voilence) ((oh this is short quick read *wink*))
Length :

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Hector The random one (Part one) :

Hector, a good wolf but what happened before he met Balto, Why is so care free? What was his life like?
Length :

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Arch, Oblivion :

This a free verse poem that is like a narrative poem it tells a story...the small story of Arch to a point and it tells everything and yet nothing.
Length :

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Cronos and Aniu p1. :

Everyone is home now. Now everything is slowly going normal again, till Cronos is taken away. Cinder doesn't like it. Cronos finds a new 'friend'. to help him get back, or will he?
Length :

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Dusty and Kodi Shakespeare :

A first try crossover, Tis not very on my own the text is very much from the play and not so much me, I just thought this idea work. I found a cute story crossover. *TIS NOt my text I edit a little! So don't go flaming me "its Shakespeare!"* PG for fighting.
Length :

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Cronos and Aniu p2 :

The third act has taken some turns, Cronos and Pete are taken and are prisoners to one that holds a grudge with Balto. A white wolf starts to appear, and causing some disaray with the wolves. Balto starts to recover from Cronos being taken away, Cinder acts in unright ways that might lead to trouble. Pete has an idea to get Cronos out of capture or is he out just to save himself? (Pg-13, for blood)
Length :

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Cember :

I wrote this a while back. rp story thing on website I join and go on so, the story is alright on sadder trend of things Well sum it up. A pup named Cember and his mother Vain, Cember being born under bad omens is not well liked, Vain leaves her mate, buts regrets the choice too. And uh that's it. Yeah pretty sad. (Kudos to Queen_TaniC@T! Hers got me into putting mine up)
Length :

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Hector The random one (Part two) :

Hectors story continued. This part tells of how Hector starts to plan on revenge on this pack that has constantly made him feel horrible. He makes his den bigger. He now finally remembers how became separated from his mother, how will he react?
Length :

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Artist presentation

(Yes I love Sum 41...just in case you couldn't tell.)

About this writer a brief history summary, Arc came around the site when it when only about 30 writers or so, I have seen it grow much lager overtime, I made a goal to read every story I haven't done that goal yet, "that's a good thing" I say always ready to read more. My first story I sent was at the top they come in order as I put them in, my first comment which in all honesty made me continue writing was from Tibb_Wolf, a fellow writer on the site, and the comments and so forth.

I started small with the stories but from the start for the answer to the stories I write I will say in general bold, in some ways. I expected flames (not in favor) for the stories I write, I honestly didn't think they were good I was in the later time of emoness, "I'm now a retired Emo"-Arc Though comments did help I went for my own sake of writing stories, keeping the story going, caring less if I had comments or not, I don't let popularity rule my writing, if it's put as bad or good. I partly "write for me."-Arc

"I write to find out what happens in the story."-Arc this statement is true! I will say that to all writers everywhere, you can plan it what ever you want for me as you write the true story unfolds and really surprise yourself, tis my advice the bigger the story the more you know and find out about your story and characters. "I encourage others to share their works with me by contacting me, please share."

For this writer is now starting a new slate by abandoning nearly all his stories the largest "The Acts" and my main one as well. I lost favor in that story, so I'm simply not continueing it. As of now I am starting new stories. Which are "Love Doesn't Win", "Roit", "Star Craft" "Moments", "This Great War", and "Bleeding From."
Which are expected for the writer to be done real soon. Thank you your time.

Status: Top Favortied peak #16 

Most popular fics peak #8  

Top Favortied, Current Position #32

My Influences: Rotrmal the Writer, Dragon Tammer, Tibb_Wolf, Maya, and Silent Wolf.


WB=Writers Block :(

WR=Writer High :)

SD=Story Drafting

SW=Slightly Writing


Work's Arcy is planin' on.

1. "Riot" workin' slower then I want to get done no work at all like the rest of this. (SD)

2. "Love Doesn't Win" This follows the history of Aniu, whom in a costly event grew to hating dogs. The story also follows a dog named Sin, who has hunted wolves before. Once these two lives cross one another; the reasult between the two becomes deadly, till another arrives on the scene altering Aniu's view on what she hates.

3. "Moment" These stories are about Kodi, Dusty, Kirby and Ralph hopefully with a good mix of love, hate, creepy villian, and comedy.

4. "Bleeding From" This is my own orginally story about dogs and wolves following four characters Linch, Ivan, Rayan, Terror. In which each character's story takes place at different times. Linch-1500s, Ivan, 1800s, Rayan 1942, and Terror 1940. Do these characters effect one another? That's for the reader to find out.

5. "Star Craft" (SW) Look  I know it sounds stupid! I'm workin' hard on it  K? lol Doesn't meant it will be good though when it's finished though I hope it is.  I'm not crying!

6. "This Great War" This is a cross over of WWI and Balto. It centers it's self around Balto a Russian soilder and poilt through WWI. It will be slightly unrealistic for writing purposes. I know Balto lives in Alaska, well Alaska isn't keenly US at WWI and Boris has a Russian voice acroding to most so, I have him in Russia, Boris is the reason for that. Also because I like Russia a lot and WWI, which is cooler in some respects and much more complex then WWII.

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June 25, 2020
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Furry Fandom
In my opinion, you are one of the best authors here! Your stories have excellent plots and I loved specifically the Balto and Jenna moments! Well done! :JennaLove:

February 02, 2009
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
(Balto's resort and Jenna's worry)- this is very well written.

October 20, 2007
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i lov ur stories!

August 10, 2007
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May 03, 2007
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
aw thanks Kuni02!

May 02, 2007
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Sweet! All your fanfics rule!!

March 09, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Hey I liked them all. Keep on Writting. Hey thanks fot the
comment on my storys there note the best I know that but I
promise you that there will be more better ones in the

March 03, 2007
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
blackwolf soon the sooner the better.

February 05, 2007
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Thanks Art_of_Wolves^^

January 30, 2007
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
wow really good!


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