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Must-see fanfics

- Let's Remember, by Keelan
A fanfic in which Balto recalls his life.

- My Life With You, by McMorty
A song I wrote about Balto and Jenna :)

- The Golden Collar, by Shadow-d-husky
It is a week after the serum run. Steele is tired of being
an outcast and decides to confront Balto. Has he concocted
an elaborate scheme for revenge ...

- Goodbye, my son, by Jordan.
This is my idea of what happened while Balto was a young
pup. The idea for this fanfic came to my mind as I was
making the image ôGoodbye my sonö Well...

- Love Waits, by Jake Razor
A continuation of my anthro series "What's Love Anyway?"
This one's for Father's Day, and picks up where "Saying No"
left off. When Kodi and Dusty's...

- Reclamation, by BaltoSeppala
In this re-imagining of Charles Dickens' classic Christmas
and social-consciousness tale "A Christmas Carol", Steele
stands in for the infamous Ebenez...

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