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4 Females Looking for a Mate \"WINNERS ANOUNCED\"

As the title says 4 of my female characters are ready to find a mate Icess, Adrien, Gracelynn, and Anneliese

Here Are the Lucky Females looking for mates




No Sparkle Dogs

Linearts are exceptable

Must have full Bio






Icess: Fin(C)Dag The Coyote






For Icess you become her mate (she can't have pups) but you will recive 3 image Request

for Adrien you get become her mate and help make pups and 2 image request

for Anneliese and Gracelynn same prize as adrein

Deadline for this contest : January 20, 2012

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January 21, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
i like Jayla
and Icess but i going for Jayla

January 20, 2012
Is not currently on the site
yay! thanks a bunch Aleu!

January 20, 2012
Is not currently on the site
okay so i have decited

Cullensoul- her character Riker now mates with Adrien if you want you can start designing pups for them i'm making two of of them a boy named Naku and a girl named Erika

Dag and link- i can't decited who gets to be mates with Icess so i would like to say i have another character named (Jayla) who looks just like icess so i want to ask you who wants jayla instead of icess

January 07, 2012
Is not currently on the site
Still Continuing:

His pack soon arrived later. They saw Riker about to be attacked. They ran down the hill and put Riker behind them. Then the mothers relized that there pack wasnt allowed to be on there land. So, they dragged there pups soflty away. Riker, and Adrien saw each other being dragged away, a tear sofly drifted down Rikers face. They waved good bye...forever. The next day Riker was SOO sad. He tried to forget Adrien but...he couldnt. Adrien was the only friend Riker had.

Years 1, 2, 3:

Age 1, 2, and 3: At age 1, Riker had ran away. He ran away and learned to defend for himself. He soon met Adrien and they became BF, then GF/BF and he wants to be her mate!!

January 06, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
ok here his bio
Name : Shadow
Name Meaning : (Black Storm)
Age : 3
Parents : Jake X Yuna
Sisters : Sharp
Brothers : Blade
Breed : 91 % of grey wolf and 96 % of Black wolf
Gender : Male
Mate : maybe Icess
Crush : Icess (Aleu15)
Personality : sweet, smart, a little bit rude to other wolves.
Likes : Icess, his family, Balto's family, Icess family, storms.
Dislikes : too too sweet wolves, too too rude wolves, too happy wolves.
History : when he was little he was sad because the forest was on fire and they had to move, but when he got bigger he saw the most cute wolf ever and that wolf was Icess he wanted to show himself but he was a little bit shy but brave at the same time so then he said to Icess hello Icess said who are you? with a scared voice then Shadow said i'm Shadow it's very nice to see you Icess replied it's very nice to see you to Shadow Shadow said so whats your name then Icess said Icess through out that time they spent days past so Shadow said to Icess that he loved her and then they both blushed then they had to go so thats why you see the drawing with Icess and Shadow blushing because Shadow tolled Icess he loved her so thats my story of Shadow

January 06, 2012
usa Female Is not currently on the site

January 06, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
i will put more drawings with Icess and Shadow i think they look cute together

January 01, 2012
Is not currently on the site

All his months:

His siblings still protected him very goodly. He always wanted to help hunt for food, but his packmates said he was just still to young. He got mad/sad when they said that. He would cry or knock somthing down when they said that. Every time they would go out hunting, one of his packmates or his siblings would stay behind to look after him. He hated babysitter's. He didnt know why but he just did. Then one day while they were looking after him, he saw a young female puppy, was outside playing.

"Hey sis! Can I go out to the medow and play with the other pups?" He asked.

"Sure, go ahead!" One of his bigger brother's yelled.

Riker, went out to play with them. He tumbled down the hill to the other puppies. The other puppies' mother's were sittingn down talking. He went down to talk to the other puppies. Then when Riker was just about to talk to the pretty wolf pup....a malamute balck and white husky, blocked his way.

"Who are you?" The husky asked.

"Uhhhmmm....Riker." He answered.

The husky told him his name and his name was.....Steele! Steele as a puppy! Steele didnt like him. Then Riker, gently pushed Steele out of the way. Steele slighty growled at him.

"Hi! Im Riker!" He said to the female.

"Im Adrien!" The female said to him.

Riker asked Adrien if she'd like to play with him. She said yes, and they played until one moment......There mother's relized a stranger wolf was playing with their pups. They ran after him, and growled, the mother's put there puppies behind them.

(Ill do on another comment page^^ hope you like it even more^^)

January 01, 2012
Is not currently on the site
ok, heres his bio.

Name: Riker

Name Meaning: (Made up meaning) Exciting, fun

Pronountion: Rie-ker

Age: 2 years

Parents: Coming Soon x Coming soon ^-^

Sister(s): 2 coming soon ^_^

Brother(s): 1 coming soon ^_^

Breed: 99% Gray wolf x 1% white wolf

Gender: Male

Mate: Maybe Adrian

Crush: Adrian (Aleu15)

Crush/es on him: Adrian?, Open^^

Personality: He is very kind. he has a dark side. he is very caring, and sweet. He is very intelligent, and independent. He is "cool". he is forgiving, and also loving.



At birth, he was surrounded by his packmates. He was the littlest in his pack. Although his brother's and sister's didnt want anymore siblings, they helped out with him, and pitched in with taking care of him. He had lots of help from his parents, his father died before he was born. Then when all he was born his mother died. He never met his parents, but he still lived a good life!

(Do more on another comment page^^ hope you like it so far!

December 31, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
For Adrien
my character to be. Soon made Rockie, I'll link it later

December 31, 2011
Is not currently on the site
This one is going for Adrian...Ill do the rest later! I have to get off^^ hope you like him Aleu!


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