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Written by Draco :


Greetings everyone! Draco here with a fun little announcement!

There is now a server on Discord for AS that you all may join at any time to chat with other members. Think of it as an off-site chatroom where you can also share and talk about art and animated movies. A thank you to blazetail and meemee for setting it up for us! 

Now, though some of you may be wondering: "What is Discord?"

Discord is a free text, voice and video app, similar to Skype, originally made for gaming and streaming, but many also use it as a messenger chatroom service. It is cross-platform, meaning it is able to run on Mac, Windows, iOS, Andriod, as well as web browsers. It can be downloaded directly from the site,, and on the Google Play store for the phone app.

How to join the AS server:

PM either myself, blazetail, or meemee and give us your discord code/username, and we will in turn give you the link to the server. This will let us filter out members that are banned, as well as trolls, non-members and other unwanted people that may join if we made the link public here.


  • Are the same as the ones here on the sources! If you are not familiar with the site rules, please read and familiarize yourself with them before joining the server, to avoid any issues. Some are also listed on the server under the #news-and-announcements channel
  • This is purely for fun! Please do not join to pester mods, or simply spam your art. If you cannot be friendly and mature, and ignore warnings, you will be banned from the server. If you are banned from the server, you will not be banned here on the site, unless you decide to carry it over and continue causing trouble here.
  • You do not have to join the server in order to fully enjoy Animation Source and it's sites! You are in no way obligated to join, but it is completely free!
  • DO NOT share the server link without permission please! 

We'll update this as needed with new information, but other than that, please feel free to ask any questions you may have below and we'll be sure to respond as best we can. We hope to be seeing you around on the server soon~!

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February 11, 2018
Is not currently on the site
:icon477: Maybe i'll join!

October 05, 2017
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Roi Loup-Lion
An server discord for the English side, it's a good idea :allears:

I'm french and I'm very bad in English ;3

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