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Strider (MTA)

Strider (MTA)


Created by :

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Private

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Strider (MTA)

name: Strider

gender: male

age: around two years

parents: unknown

charateristics: brilliant black with striking blue eyes

personality: fiercely loyal to his alpha, he is much bigger and stronger than the average wolf. he is NOT someone you want as your enemy.

likes: hunting and fighting

dislikes: anything or anyone who dare lay a paw or hand on his alpha without issuing a challange

history: after his small pack was killed by humans, he spent a day hiding under the roots of a tree before he came out and started aimlessly wandering alone. then, about two days later, intensely weary, his paws aching, hungry and thirsty, his head drooping, he looked up and saw a grey wolf on the crest of a hill, giving him a calming look. the calmness of the wolf's stare possessed him and he walked recklessly towards it. then he began running. he felt no fear, only a wild, trembling rush of adrenaline. he scrambled up the crest of the hill and looked at it, his eyes full of hope. the wolf picked him up and took him away.

when Strider woke up, he was in a cave. the wolf who saved him greeted him and introduced himself as Nava, giving him some food. afterwards, Nava introduced him to the pack before taking him to a stream to drink. Strider grew up a subordinate in Nava's pack, exelling in hunting and fighting, his strength and size giving him a massive advantage. Strider had always had bad vibes about Niju and when he attacked Nava and Aleu on the icepath, Strider didn't hesitate to secretly follow Balto across to them. when the iceberg crashed into the piec of ice they were standing on, causing Niju to fall into the sea, he tried to get back up onto the chunk of ice, but Strider pulled him benath the surface. after Niju knocked the air out of him underwater, he swam away as fast as he could. Strider wasn't happy about this, but at least he had saved Nava and Aleu. he openly accepted Aleu as the new alpha and was the third wolf to howl as the chunk of ice the pack stood on drifted away.


(wolf bases by wolf maker: game and art by:


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