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Created by : Raptorblack226

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Specific type : ---------


Detail Seppala


Age:9 years old


Breed:Pure bred Siberian Husky


Children:Balto,Togo and Fritz

Likes:Aniu,his kids,go out at night,spend time in the forest with Aniu

Dislikes:Being separated from his family,being over-used in races by his master

Bio:Seppala was born from a Husky breeder in Nome.He was the descendant from a great race husky lineage.He was trained to become a sled dog just like his parents since he was a pup.The lessons were sometimes hard but he succeeded almost every time.Being that great made the pride of his master.One day,his master registred him to run in the Nome's race and he won 3 years a row.During the third year,he was resting outside from his house,in front of the door while he heard a weird sound.He woke up in order to try to find out what this sound was.He listened losely until he heard the sound a second time and this time,he knew what the sound was.It was a wolf howling.He decided to go to the forest to see where is that wolf.He ran in the forest until he saw a beautiful white wolf.The wolf started to growl when it saw Seppala,but Seppala talked to it and explained it that he's not a danger for it.The wolf stopped growling when Seppala introduced himself to it,and it said it's own name,Aniu.The 2 canids spent time to discuss each other but Seppala had to come back home.Aniu asked him if she could see him again and Seppala said that he'll come back every night in the same place than this day.

Days passed,and Seppala and Aniu saw each other each night,and every one,the dog and the wolf became closer friends until the night when they became mates.This night,Seppala stayed a bit longer than usual but he had to hurry up before his master find out his abscence.Luckily for Seppala,his master was asleep and didn't realized his dog's abscence.Seppala took the hard decision to not come back tomorrow,same for a few weeks.He knew that Aniu would be depressed but he prefered to protect her from his master.

When the weeks passed,it has been 2 months since Seppala didn't see Aniu again.But a day,he felt a kind of emptiness in his heart,so he decided to come back.Arrived in the forest,Aniu greeted him but surprisingly,she laid down and wasn't angry to Seppala.He asked why she wasn't angry that he left her for that long and she showed him 3 little beings that were drinking her milk.Seppala had a great smile and this time,he stayed for very long,so long that he only came back to his home in the next morning.Something that his master found out,he was curious why his best dog left him for an entire night.Seppala didn't know how to protect his family this time.He couldn't choose between leave them for ever or take the risks to come back.

A week later,he didn't come back to see Aniu but inside of him,he,he HAD to see her again with his kids.He took the risk to go trought the forest and didn't realized that his master was following him discreetly.He spent a few minutes with his family but they all heard a footstep noise,Seppala's master appeared in front of Aniu and Seppala.Shocked,Seppala's master saw that the beautiful white wolf had pups.He decided to steal them from Aniu that had no choice to run away and never come back for not being killed.Seppala growled to his master but this one talked to him.He said that he'll not mistreat the pups,he'll train them to being as good racing dog as their father.When Seppala and his master came back home,the man gave a name to each pup:Balto,Togo and Fritz.

The pups only spent 3 weeks with their father because his master made the pups to be adopted before training them.Togo and Fritz got adopted by Seppala's master's nephew and niece but Balto was too wolf looking comparated to his brothers so nobody wanted to adopt him.A day,he ran away and got raised by a goose named Boris.Seppala felt depressed to see his family go away but as years passed,his sadness went away with time.The day he heard that a wolfdog nammed Balto brought the serum to Nome.He was really proud of his family.Sometimes,he looks after the sky and howls as he wanted to talk to Aniu but she never answered to his calls.But one day,he recognized her voice and howled back.He went really happy to hear her.And a bad feeling that he had inside of him dissapeared.He got retired and spent his time to sleep and sometimes see his sons.

Head base by Buck-wolfdog(deviantart)

Body base from


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