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Created by : xSilencex

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Sedonka

Name- Sedonka

Nicknames- None

Breed- 65% Gray wolf, 35% Siberian husky

Sex- Female

Age- Depends

Fur Color- Grayish black, dark gray, creamy silver

Eye Color- Deep blue pupils, soft blue iris, light yellow sclera

Other Appearance things- Her facial structure is like Aleu's with a longer nose. Small tuft of hair on her head.She has a long, lanky build. Tiny ruffle on nose bridge. Fluffy chest like Aleu's. Hair is ruffly like Yak. Eyeshape very similar to Aleu's. Large wolfy paws.Stubby tail.

Job- None, she lives in the Eskimo Village

 Mate- None *Closed*

Crush- None

Crusher- Open *I will be very picky*

Friends- Neco and Damon, the dogs in the village, some other wolves, open

 Parents- Alue x Yak

Siblings- JesserAlaiack

Halfsibs- None

Pups- None

Grandpups- None

Rendered- Alue

 Personality- Sedonka is a friendly, and socially advanced girl. She loves making friends and loves making everyone happy. For the most part, she isn't responsible and sort of a ditz. She does try hard though, even if she is more quiet and timid to strangers unlike her mother. She CAN be self centered, though and maybe slightly greedy. When mad she talks tough and has her parents' fighting skills, meaning she probably won't do any damage and more likely just biting and wrestling for dominance rather than going in for the kill. She isn't really anything to worry about.
When she is sad her tone pretty much says this, her words are draggy and she can make them seem overdramatic, as she wants it to get others' attention and start up a conversation about it to work things out and possibly improve them. It's hard to tell her being happy from her neutral mood. She's a giddy and happy girl in general, and gossiping and talking are her favorite things to do. When in a state of fear she flees and yelps. She makes it very obvious that she's scared as her body trembles and her eyes widen as a thin layer of water covers them.

Likes- Her pack, some humans, food, talking, making friends

Dislikes- Losing things, how her pack died, being teased

History- Puphood: Sedonka and her brothers were born two years after Aleu's pack left the mainland of Alaska and went to Russia. She had an alright puphood, but she never got any time spent with her, due to her mother being busy with the pack. Her father however, took care of them, even if it was to a minimum. It was better than nothing. Sedonka never spent much time with her brothers, as Alaiack and Jesser were often bullied and the two left to explore and spend time with the elders without her. She however, didn't have that problem and was friends with the other pups of her age group, so she was more social than her brothers. She had matured quicker than most pups, and often would try to help her mother lead, only to have her offer pushed aside as she was far too young.

Teenage years: Sedonka was a very wild teenager, as she wasn't taught the rights and wrongs that the elders had taught her brothers. She was happy though, even if she was a bit on the dumb side like her father. Like her father, she had fleas, even if it was a minor case. She tried her best to get rid of them, but of course those little buggers were hard to get rid of. She had quite a few friends in the pack and she was happy. She was soon told that Alaiack went missing by her other brother, Jesser who had gotten extremely depressed. Though she felt bad, she knew there was nothing she could really do about it. About a month or so later, with no sign of Alaiack, the pack had caught a disease. It was almost similar to the plague, it seemed, as several pack members began to drop like flies and succumb to death. Though her mother was one of the unlucky ones, who died from the disease. Sedonka didn't want to leave the pack, so she just stayed away from everyone and hunted for herself. She wasn't effected by the sickness, yet. 

Adulthood: After Aleu had passed, Yak was forced to step up to the plate and take care of his pack. Though he was incapable and wasn't really a leader type, so he left his position to his friend, Nuk. Yak left the pack, and Sedonka had felt hopeless as she realized she was losing her family members one by one. It was hard on her, and Jesser too she imagined. She spent more time with him and tried to reassure him the best she could. One day, while talking to one of her friends, she was told there was a large, fierce male wolf running about with a large pack, and was warned. Though, she doubted this rumor and continued on with her life. But the peace didn't last long, and before she knew it, her pack was overrun with other ferocious wolves. The rival wolves had killed a lot of pack members while others fled. Jesser and Sedonka tried to stand up against the wolves, but Jesser had suffered many wounds and fled. Sedonka was lucky, only by having half of her tail ripped off by a very large wolf. She fled too, but couldn't find Jesser. Realizing she was being pursued, she was cornered onto the thin ice of the ocean. There was hardly any ice left and you could almost see through to the waves beneath. As three wolves charged at her, she leapt onto the ice she skidded across. It was very thin and cracked under her weight, so she got up as fast as she could and ran towards the other side.

She safely got away from the shore and the others didn't dare follow her, but she tripped over a piece of ice sticking up. With a yelp, she was plunged into the reckless ocean.

Her body felt numb from cold and she realized her end was near. She prepared herself for death as she gave into the cold and lost consciousness. But to her surprise, she was awoke by a human. She was in a small denlike area. She knew humans were supposed to be dangerous, but she couldn't find herself to move or get away. The human had dried the hybrid off and laid her on a pelt of a caribou. Surprised at how the human was treating her, she found herself able to rest as she fell asleep again. She woke up the next morning. She felt something weird wrapped around what was left of her tail. It was bandages, though she had no idea what that was. She got up and jumped down from where she was lying. The human she saw yesterday was laying on the ground, sleeping. She had a weird instinct inside of her that was begging to be free, so she went over to the human and licked his face, giving her tail a wag. The human awoke who had a smile on his face as he patted her head. Sedonka flinched at first, thinking he may hurt her, but as she realized it was a foreign embrace, she relaxed and accepted it. She was told humans meant danger, but this one seemed relatively friendly. She was still on high alert though, even if she knew he was trying to help her.

About a month passes, Sedonka gets used to a small village of Eskimos and is treated like the village's pet. She is very doglike over wolf (even if wolf is the dominant side in her blood), and is the village's guardian. She hunts and is taught to protect. She is currently living there with them and has forgot about her past and wishes to leave it behind.

Relation to Balto- Daughter of Alue and Yak, granddaughter of Balto and Jenna

Credit to Crona for the design and most of the info in the bio.

Pics (c) me


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