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Sandy ( roxie )

Sandy ( roxie )


Created by : roxie

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Specific type : ---------


Detail Sandy ( roxie )

name  Sandy

age  depends 

species  wolf

Personality    sensitive and very shy

Likes   the sun, know and then howling with her sister Rowan

Dislikes   being forced in to things. 


mother  unkown

father  unkown

siblings  Rowan

crush  none

mate  none

pups   none


History    Sand was born out of a litter of 2 her and her sister, Rowan. Sandy was stolen from her parents and  taken to a far a way place. Sandy grew up by her self and had no place to stay for the night. That night was a cold and stomy. Sandy was scared she ran and ran until she found a place to stay for shelter. Sandy found a knoked over tree that had a hole in it.The next morning Sandy whent looking for same thing to eat. Sandy saw a bird, she did not know what birds are or if they were danger. But Sand was so hungy. So she went and had her first hunt, the bird. But when Sandy went back to the tree, there was a mother wolf and her 3 pups.The mother knew by sent that Sandy was alone and still very young.So the mother wolf toke Sandy in as her owne. a few weeks later Sandy and her new family were atacked by a group of bears, Sandy was the only one who made it, Sandy tryed her best to save her family but could not. Sandy soon grew in to a beautiful young wolf. One day when Sandy was hunting she ran in to some one new. Sandy did not know that this some one was her sister Rowan. Sandy could smell some thing fermlier. So could Rowan but they did not know how, because thay have never meet. Then Rowan Saw  that they both have the same kind of fur tuff on there heads. Then said '' i think we might be sisters''. Sandy said ''yes!, but how can u b sure ? ''. Rowan Said '' well we both smell nealy the same and we both have the same fur tuffs on our heads ''. And have no parents . So Sandy when back with Rowan and they are know living in Aleu,s pack together.  

body base by celeste

head base by celeste

coloured by roxie


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