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Ruby (CK)

Ruby (CK)


Created by : Loreley

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Ruby (CK)

Name: Ruby

Age: 4 years

Parents: Angel (Mother) and unknown father

Siblings: Jack

Mate: None

Pups: None

Crush: None

Personality: Calm and caring, kind of leader type. Too calm at times, and frustrates those around her. Doesn't cry or smile easily, and never shows her feelings. She is very good with kids. She does not get angry easily, but if it's about her brother, she can be angry at him because of his attitude. She is not interested in having a mate, even though she loves to take care of pups, But she still likes strong males. Can be overprotective towards her friends. She can't stand always happy dogs or wolves, because she herself is so serious. 

Likes: Storms, wind, rain, kids and pups, leading, Steele (She secretly adores him), standing on high places and strong males

Dislikes: Stubborn pups, small dogs, sun, swimming(But if she has to, she will swim), always happy dogs and wolves

History: Ruby didn't know her father, and didn't want to meet him. Even though she was the youngest in her family, she was the leader and made most of the decisions. She took care of her mother the whole time, and hunted for her family. When Jack went to take Loreley home, Ruby was angry at him for leaving her and her mother alone. When Jack returned, he said that he wanted to live with humans. Ruby strongly disagreed, but her mother told her that she will be fine. Ruby then agreed, and she and Jack were adopted by a family of two kids. Later, Ruby realised that living with humans wasn't what she wanted. She left Nome and became a part of a wolf pack. Aleu, the leader accepted her as a new member, and Ruby became close friends with Aleu. A year later, she started to miss her mother, and left the pack. At her journey, she met a stray wolf named Jay. They started to travel together, and after returning home, they were sleeping at a cave where Jay attacked her. Jack heard Ruby's screaming and chased Jay away. Ruby moves back with the family. later Ruby is sitting alone in the woods when Loreley comes to talk to her. Ruby just insults at her and the two start arguing. Suddenly they hear Jack howling in pain. Ruby and Loreley run towards the voice and see a bear attacking Jack. Loreley and Ruby save him. After the rescue, Jack confesses to Loreley and Loreley confesses to Jack. Ruby is mad, becuase she hates Loreley so she starts to yell that she does not accept their relationship. Jack and Loreley ignore her and leave. But after some time, she starts to like the other female and she forgets that she used to hate her. They become best friends. One day, she sees Loreley flirting with Steele and yells at them. She runs to Jack and tells him, but he thinks she lies and tries to separate Loreley and Jack, leaving Ruby dumbfounded. Then Loreley shows up and confirms Ruby's story. Jack is heartbroken and he runs away. When Loreley tries to run after him, Ruby blocks her way and tells to leave him alone. Ruby runs after Jack, and after some time she finds Jack's lifeless body. She starts howling in sorrow. She buries Jack and goes back to Nome. She hears later that Steele and Loreley are together now and she starts to plan revenge on Loreley and Steele.

Relation to Balto: Aleu's friend, lives in Nome

Headshot by me (C) On DeviantArt

Bodyshot by me (C) On DeviantArt


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