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Created by : MokiHunter

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Dog

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White


Detail Roger

Name: Roger [Nicknamed ‘Rouge’]
Gender: Male
Age: Depends
Breed: Dalmatian x American White Shepherd x Retriever [This lineage is a bit fuzzy. He has a mix of several different types of Retriever, such as Labrador, Golden, and possibly Nova Duck Tolling].


Roger is agile and able to see the details that a lot of dogs couldn’t, no matter how much he doesn’t look it. He was born with a defect of unusually colored yellow eyes, and although it wasn’t physically harmful towards him, it made everyone he came in contact with at least somewhat afraid of his appearance. Roger was always a friendly dog, though. He just tended to look mean, and the fact that he was a bit of a rebel didn’t really help his reputation.

Where he grew up, Roger could have turned out an entirely different way, but for some reason he seemed to be born rebellious. He grew to be the exact opposite. He received the nickname Rogue, the fun loving, do whatever he wanted street mutt. Roger’s biggest asset, and yet his largest problem as well, is his ego. Although he doesn’t hurt anyone and isn’t a bully, he doesn’t give a wag what others think of him, and this causes controversy at times. He loves to have a good time and is willing to get in trouble to do it.

He can be sincerely loyal if he feels you deserve it, and so far Cooper is the only one that Roger seemed obliged to look out for besides himself. So overall, Roger is a friendly dog who just loves to have a good time. He is smarter and more agile than a lot of canines give him credit for, and usually just comes off as a rebel because of his joking aura. His nickname Rouge represents him completely, as most strangers who don’t know his real name usually call him by.


Roger was a mill puppy, the result of inbreeding. His parents were lost in the sea of canines, and he never knew most of his brothers and sisters. The ones he did, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. A lot of the dogs here were depressed, anxious, or just plain psycho. It was a bad environment for a puppy his age, but it couldn’t be helped.  The man who kept the place was in it for greed and that was about it. He didn’t care one bit for the dogs, although that worked to Roger’s advantage eventually.

Being so young and resentful towards the place he belonged, Roger randomly bumped up against the cage using the small room he was allowed to roam. Fortunately, the owner of the huge ranch wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box, and so he wasn’t vigilant at all. This gave Roger a chance to develop his own vision. Given strange yellow eyes as a result of his own defect, although not exactly physically disabling, a lot of the dogs trembled next to him, fearing his gaze for some reason.

It just wasn’t natural for a dog to have those eyes, and yet Roger used them to aid his escape. He would watch every day and take not one step forward unless the men who checked up on them left. After that, he would bang his body against the cold metal and slip in his own messes from taking a ‘running start’. The cages were absolutely filthy, and soon Roger became sick because of it. Coughing like mad and practically close to giving up, Roger was beginning to lose hope.

When he turned eight months old, one of the workers pushed his cage open and seared some kind of contraption into his skin. He yelped and cried out as loud as he knew how, but his voice was hoarse and came out in cracks. Roger endured the pain for as long as it lasted, but as soon as the guy threw him down, he wearily noticed an opportunity. He would have missed it too, had it not been by chance he saw the gap. He bolted out, stumbling from the jump, and he received a bonus for knocking down the human on his way out. The dogs who had been in his cage followed him stupidly. Most of them had been way too far gone to realize the freedom they had just earned: they had been here too long.

Roger, however, knew exactly what it meant, and he catapulted himself all the way out of there. After he was a few miles away, he wheezed. Out of breath due to his raging yet somehow still minor illness, the almost yearling found his way to a truck that was headed across the states, hopefully somewhere far away. It was a shipping truck, so it held a lot of promise. Saying goodbye to the other dogs who had managed to escape along with him, Roger had earned a new nickname. He carried it with him for three days the truck traveled, all the way to Nome, Alaska. The mail guy who came to drop off some fishing supplies went to the back to gather some boxes. This was his last stop until he had to go back around and start trips all over again to other parts of America, and so the boxes were dwindling.

Roger, still loving his new nickname, Rouge, had no other objects to hide behind. So this time, when the mail guy came to get him out, he jumped beside him and ran before he got caught. Taking in this new place, the first thought that had hit him was that it was freezing cold. He could get used to it, he decided, and this fact was confirmed when he met a dog named Cooper. He and the wolf-dog became great friends, and Roger loved hanging out with him. The other dog didn’t even seem to mind Rouge’s strange eyes.

However, his new friend had dreams that wouldn’t stop him from doing what he wished. Roger began to notice steadily that Cooper was embedded deeply in a feud with Alan, the main male dog of the town. Or the most popular, at least. He was in constant rivalry with him, not just because of the races but also because of the beautiful Delilah. They were both determined to win her affections and racing was just a part of their war.

One day, while taking a stroll through the small town, Roger saw Cooper getting ready to enter a race. It just so happened that it was the same race that Alan wanted to win so badly. Roger was excited for his friend. Despite the fact he should have been worried, Rouge just wasn’t the type to have concern. He looked at the bright, fun side of things. He didn’t really care about being so gloomy all the time. He went to go get Cooper’s relatives and friends, including Sadie, Jenna, Jared, and a few others. They seemed shocked when he told them the news, though.

With a tilted head, he returned. Cooper ended up losing the race because of a stupid dog tripping him. Rouge had seen it, and it peeved him off, though there wasn’t much he could do about it, so he leave it be for the most part. However, whenever he came in contact with the dog, Eric, or his buddy Alan, Roger was sure to send a nasty look or a growl their way. They seemed almost shocked by it, but Roger didn’t really care what they thought. He hoped his defect, his eyes, and his number scared them. Since they seemed to make every other dog weary besides his best bud, Cooper.

Roger saw Cooper go through a lot of other hardships over the next few weeks and months, and saw him through in each and every single problem. He had his back. Though a rebel Roger may look, he is exceedingly and surprisingly loyal, though it seems that he is only that way towards Cooper. Most dogs just find it another strange quality about Roger, whom most strangers came to call ‘Rouge’ if they didn’t know his real name.

Crush/Mate: None
Siblings:  Many Unknown, Most Diseased
Other: His best friend is Cooper – His defect is unusual eyes [they are not common in most dog breeds] and he has a number [315] that was imprinted on him when he was a puppy.


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