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Roger (Rafale)

Roger (Rafale)


Created by : Rafale

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Yellow

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Roger (Rafale)


BEFORE I START: This is a very important character for me , I don’t want that you repost or use my character without my permission. I might post John later.

Name inspired from Queen.

All pictures by my friend Stringer

Name: Roger.

Nickname: Rog'.

Age: Depends on use.

Gender: Male, bisexual.

Likes: John, Balto, Aleu, eating, burping, Ester, belly rubs.

Dislikes : Steele, Kaltag(half brother), Sylvain.


Specie: Wolfdog.

Roger(Roger and John)


Roger is Kaltag's half brother (they dontt have the same dad for Roger, is part wolf and Kaltag doesn’t know that). Roger is the opposite to Kaltag, in that he is too lazy and slow to be a good sled dog and prefers to eat and annoy his half brother.

He enjoys walks at night with Balto, who whilst retrieving the medicine rejected Roger’s offer to help due to him being too slow and doubting that he’d make it, but on his return decided to train Roger to get better at running. 

Roger is also friends with Aleu who he often spends time with playing and stealing meat from the butcher. He was sad when she crossed the great water with the other wolves but at times when she does return to Nome they enjoy their favorite past time together and has a fondness for her more savage side.

One time when he met Boris who he mistaken for food and attempted to eat him but suddenly came down with a tummy ache Boris, being the kind-hearted goose that he is, cared for the wolfdog till he was better. He sometimes visits Rosy, mainly to get a couple of belly rubs from her as he enjoys them alot.

Roger is in love with a sled dog from Steele’s team called John, they decided to adopt a husky pup by the name of Ester. John has a dark side that he’s called Sylvain, who ends up getting too much at times and Balto often has to step in to help. 

Thanks to UKBlueFox for the help !

Likes(Roger and John)


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August 16, 2020
France Female Is not currently on the site
Wolves of the Beyond
I'll post some fanart I've made of him :) and maybe I'll post John

August 16, 2020
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Love it! Can't wait to see more of him :JennaLove:

August 15, 2020
France Female Is not currently on the site
Wolves of the Beyond
Thank you :JennaLove:

August 15, 2020
Uk Is not currently on the site
Very cute character :BaltoHearts:

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