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Raphtalia (roxie)

Raphtalia (roxie)


Created by : roxie

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Raphtalia (roxie)

Name: Raphtalia
Name pronunciation: Ra f ta Lee a
Nicknames: Talia or Tali
(She is named after my favourite character in an anime)

Age: Depends on use
Generation: Jenna's
Parents: Unknown
Grandparents: Unknown
Grandchildren: Unknown
Siblings: Jenna

Crush: Kaltag (formerly) 
Puppies: None yet

Personality: She can be serious and other times a complete goofball. Supportive and caring.
Likes: Spending time with her friends Kaltag, Star and Nikki. Raphtalia loves her scarf, it's a comfort for her.
Dislikes: The way Steele treats her sister and Steele in general.
Friends: Balto (currently), Jenna, Kaltag, Star, Nikki
Foes: Balto (previously) and Steele (currently)
Breed: Husky
Gender: Female
Base by: Lerynn (DA)
Relation: Jenna's sister. Puts up with Steele so she can be around Kaltag. Apart of Steele's popular group.

History: Raphtalia is the elder sister of Jenna. Like her sister's bandana, Raphtalia is recognised by her scarf. She has it with her always.

Raphtalia isn't into racing much, but likes to watch her friends and crush Kaltag race. Raphtalia was standing with her owner next to Jenna and her owner Rosie, when suddenly Rosie's hat was blown into the race track.

This is when Balto runs on the track to get Rosie's hat. Everyone was impressed that Balto got to the hat before Steele could finish the race. Raphtalia, however was annoyed that Balto ruined the race and it really wasn't that impressive to her, since Steele and Kaltag had been running for ages in a race while Balto only did a short distance.

When Balto came towards them with Rose's hat, Raphtalia rolled her eyes and walked away to talk to Kaltag. When she got to him, he smiled at her and asked if she saw the race. Raphtalia blushed a little bit and nodded. Star started to stutter about Balto and Kaltag hit him as usual. Steele came over to them and told Kaltag, Star and Nikki that they were going to confront Balto. Steele blew Raphtalia a kiss knowing that she hates him. She rolled her eyes and went home.

One day most of the human children got extremely sick, Rosie included. Raphtalia would try to comfort Jenna and say that the only good thing about Steele is that he's the fastest and strongest, he would get the medicine that Rosie needed in time.

They should have been back by now. Maybe they didn't make it? Raphtalia was worried about Kaltag and if he was okay. Balto decided to go after them and help. Jenna wanted to go but Raphtalia told her not to as it was too dangerous. Jenna left anyway and came home hurt. 

Raphtalia was worried about her sister. Jenna was constantly sad and now she was hurt too. Raphtalia tried her best to comfort her. Steele came home without the team and started making up lies. Jenna knew the truth and it made Raphtalia angry that Steele would lie.

When the team came home, Raphtalia instantly went to Kaltag. She missed him so much. There was already another girl with him acting as if they were a couple. This broke Raphtalia's heart as she thought he liked her back.



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