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Created by : xSilencex

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Neco

Name- Neco (means "to kill")

Nicknames- Connie (for those who dont like her evil name)

Breed- Wolf

Sex- Female

Age- Depends

Fur Color- Shades of grey (oh my..not the book xD)

Eye Color- Green

Job- Was a hunter

 Mate- None

Crush- Damon

Crusher- Open

Friends- Sedonka , Open

 Parents- Unknown (Deceased)

Siblings- None (Deceased)

Halfsibs- None

Pups- Jinx

Grandpups- None yet

Rendered- Not sure lol

 Personality- Oh...where to start...Neco is an extremely friendly girl, she would fight for those close to her, she would give up anything for her friends. Neco has had a hard past, so that has left her with a  hard heart at times and she can't help but act out and it is due to the fact she was picked on to the point she left the pack. She likes to get into trouble because it makes her feel alive, without her family to care for her she lost her way. She may seem bad but she is a sweetheart that doesnt know how to express herself

Likes- Playing, hunting, running around, water, being free

Dislikes- That her family is dead, everyone blames it on her, that is why her name means to kill, a loud bunch of people, Aleu.


As a pup Neco grew up alone in Aleu and Yak's pack, the other pups did not want to interact with her, she was alone. One day the alphas daughter Sedonka can up to her skipping over with a huge smile on her face. She poked Neco and asked if she wanted to play, Neco refused but Sedonka was determined to make a new friend. Neco agreed, happy someone would interact with her. They became close friends and were always together. Neco would get into trouble, with Sedonka trailing along watching over her to make sure she was okay. One day Aleu went to visit her brother and parents, Yak staying behind to watch the pack, so Neco went with her, dispite the fact Aleu was annoying, it would be nice to meet her family. Aleu was uncertian on if she should bring the poor pup, but maybe Balto could lighten up her heart, letting her know even with no parents or siblings everything will be alright. While in Nome, Neco met some of Balto and Jenna's latest litter, only a month or so older than Neco. One pup, who seemed more wolf like, even more so than her herself stood out, with a laided back, badboy attitude. He smiled at Neco and trotted over, his 2 siblings following along. His name Damon, he was cute and friendly. They became friends and Balto promised to take him to visit, even though balto was getting older. Damon and Neco became close, they liked eachother, but nothing seemed to grow from that.

As a teen Neco calmed down with the troublesome activities. She would hunt a lot and visit Damon, who would soon go for Neco and go off to roam the world. Sedonka had her flea problems which made Neco sad because she had to try and keep away at times it was bad. She developed a hatered for Aleu after Aleu grew more annoying as she aged. When Balto was happy with Damons maturity and knew he could be on his own, he let Damon leave for Neco and they left together. They were always together and always got along. One day Damon met a female, a pretty one, and Neco was jealous, Damon and Neco had something special, but it was not the time for a relationship, so when Damon would spend nights away Neco would stay alone, in the woods. During one night she knew something was around and begged for Damon to stay with her but he did not listen and left her alone. A big male came out of the the bushes, and she reconized him, it was Niju. He did not want her around his spot he was given by Aleu. Neco went to leave when Niju attacked her, leaving her wounded. Damon came back the next morning to find Neco sprawled across the forest floor barely breathing. He promised her that he would always be there for her from then on, he was hers, that they needed eachother, but when Neco woke up and could move she told him it was too late, she begging him to stay the night but he did not listen, it was his fault she was hurt. Then she limped away after warning him about Niju. He watched her painfully limp away, and he promised himself he would find her when some time has passed. Neco went to Nome and for a while stayed with Kodi, Dusty, Kirdy, and Ralph, who were like parents to her, feeling bad about what Damon had done. 

As an adult she roamed by herself, now strong and able to defend herself. She Found Sedonka, in a village, they caught up and Neco would stay close by. She felt bad, Half of her friends tail was ripped off, she wished she was there to help her. Neco helped the people in the village by helping with hunting and keeping away other animals. One day two dark figures stalked alog the bushes around sunset and Neco went to check it out. Out came Damon and the female from their teenage years. Neco's heart shattered and she held back tears. Damon looked shocked and guilty, the female just growled at Neco. Without a word Neco turned and walked away, then looked back informing the two they are not welcome. Damon sighed and nuged his mate to leave. Neco slumped down into the damp earth floor, thinking they were gone, and cried. Damon glanced back, seeing this he felt extremely bad... A few days later Damon returned alone to talk to Neco, who growled at the male, unhappy with him being there. He explained how he tried to find her, he really did, he wanted a life with her. Neco came back with saying how he just gave up and got back with the other female, that hurt her. 

I think I will have it so that Damon leaves the other female, and tries to remake a friendship with Neco that will hopefully end in them being mates c:

Relation to Balto- Belonged to Aleu's pace, friends with Aleu and Yak's pup, also best friends with Jenna and Balto's son, and was attacked by Niju


*Wonderful design and bodyshot by Troll Berserker! Thank you for her :)

Headshot by me



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Star-Thank you! And sure, of course.

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awesome character may I draw her for you?

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All fixed :) And thank you! ^-^

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You came up with a really nice and detailed bio for her. Nice job.

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Give me credits for the design&images

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