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Created by : Animorphs#1

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Malcolm

Name: Malcolm

Nicknames: Mac, Malc

Age: Young adult-Adult

Breed: 50% Siberian Husky 50% Rough Collie

Parents: Berenson and Lois

Siblings: Hal, Johnston, and Louise

Mate: Izaya (c) kirinoha

Pups: None

Owner: Rescue Department

Personality: Malcolm is know to be very level-headed and calm under pressure. He keeps a relaxed nature about him even outside of work. He's the kind of dog that doesn't mind not socializing for a while. He's not a big people/dog person. He's not big on large groups, and Malcom usually keeps a very small social circle (including Izaya). Making new friends isn't his forte at all. In fact, he's quite useless in that situation. He'll be kind and cordial if need be, but he'd rather stay away from new faces. Those that know him know that he values family and friendship over all else. Like his partner, he will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about. Though, unlike him, he'd rather talk out his problems and resolve them peacefully than fight. Malcolm is usually docile, but if provoked, can be quite vicious. Fighting is his very last resort, but he won't hesitate brawl if he has no other choice. He can be stupidly brave as well. He's strong-minded and steadfast in his morals. Mac has an excellent memory, and he'll never forget a wrong done to him. Those that hurt him often get ignored or treated rudely, and the trust Malcolm once had with them is severed. He doesn't take betrayal lightly. On a more positive note, he's very friendly and sweet with friends and family. He's very giving when it comes to them; he'll give what he can to help. He can be fiercely protective as well. Malcolm is very charming with the right company. His quick wit has aided him many times in work and in every day life.

Likes/loves: working/his job, when he has work to do, relaxing with loved ones, Izaya, having mutual respect, running (oneo fhis favorite activities), proving himself, standing up for what's right

Dislikes/Hates: Steele, those that prey on the meek, being bored, the feeling of being powerless

Background/History: His parents were rescue dogs long before he was born. They were quite excellent at their jobs as well. Lois's pregnancy was a bit of a surprise to the department, but nonetheless they kept the pups. The only girl, Louise, was named after her mother, and Malcolm and his brother, Johnston, were named after past members of the rescue department who had passed away. Once they were old enough, they began their training to become rescue dogs. Malcolm was a natural. He passed training with flying colors, as if he'd been born for his line of work. It all came easy for him, and he grew to love his job. He, Louise, and Johnston would train together growing up, finding fun in competitions and encouraging one another to keep going. These things helped fortify their strong bond that lasts for their lifetimes. Once they were older, they began to work seperately. Each of the three excelled in their line of work, and it made their still working parents proud.

As a pup, the rescue department brought in a new hopeful, an Aussie mix named Izaya. Malcolm had been curious about the newcomer, but his shyness kept him from saying much to him. His sister, Louise, was much more sociable, so it was she who'd talk to the pup. Mac's curiosity never truly left him even as he grew up. As an adult, he couldn't understand Izaya's laziness, but he never outwardly questioned it. He figured all dogs had their limits, and he'd certainly met lazier ones. He grew to find it quite...charming. It meant more work for Malcolm, but he didn't mind. He'd say a few pasing words to the dog when at the department, but never really had full conversations with him until later on.

Malcolm and his siblings worked rigorously, but, on days when no one needs to be rescued, Louise visits the hospital to cheer up patients, Johnston spends time with his "owners", and Malcolm is let lose to wander around Nome. He would often spend his downtime running for miles, building endurance and stamina whenever he could. 

One day, while running, he had been stopped by Steele, a dog with quite a nasty attitude. He and his cronies would often make remarks at Malcolm while he was on his runs, but Mac never paid too much attention to it. But that day, things were different. The thicker dog started circling him, taunting the mix while the other three laughed. Malcolm had never really run into any sort of bully before, but the lack of respect in Steele's tone frustrated him. Malcolm stood his ground against Steele, much to his surprise. Not many stood up to him. He'd expected a much different reaction from the rescue dog. Nonetheless he kept trying to push Malcolm's buttons to see what would make him tick. But Mac stood firm, unphased by the harsh words. Before things could go on any further, however, a blur of grey and white appeared, Izaya, the Aussie mix. The Aussie mix stood up against Steele, his threatening words clipping into the Malamute enough to send him and his followers away. Malcolm was surprsied that someone had come to his aid, and he expresed his thanks to Izaya. It was from then on that he and Izaya began spending time together. Malcolm would join him to stand up for those who were bullied by Steele. Needless to say, their relationship grew. Through helping others, Malcolm befriended Balto one day. He came to the wolfdog's aid when Steele and his paths crossed.

Malcolm grew concerned when Balto suddenly disappeared from Nome. He hoped nothing bad had happened to the kind, misunderstood wolfdog. To his relief and surprpise, Balto returned with the medicine that ended the diptheria outbreak. His friend had become a hero. It wasn't long after that that Malcolm, Izaya, and his friends had driven Steele out of Nome. Mac maintained his friendships and relationship with Izaya while he contionued to work hard as a rescue dog.

Other: Wears a gold studded collar at all times, a gift from the rescue department

Body specifics:

  • Floppy left ear
  • Scruffy appearence
  • Long fur on his legs and neck (his collar gets a bit hidden by it)
  • Tuft of fur on his head
  • Long, bushy wolf-like tail
  • Taller than most dogs he knows
    • Long, slim legs
  • Big paws

Voice: Paul Amos

Headshot/Body ref (c) Kirinoha

Designed by Ms-Julie


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he's wonderful!!! ;_;
you did a fantastic job on him! i really love how izaya and malcolm work together aa < 3 they're really great together, and no one could've done a better job! :D
amazing job!! :3c

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