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Created by : Little Monster

Main type : Avatar / Fursona

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Mai

Name: Mai
Gender: ♀

Age: Depends of the use

Specie: Wolf

Mother: Unnamed
Father: Unnamed

Sister(s): None
Brother(s):  None

Crush on: Fawn, she's completely in love with her

Crush on her: Fawn has a crush on her, but she doesn't admits it

Mate: None


Nava: Mai always admired Nava, since she was just a puppy, she had the opportunity of being his pupil. They were very close, and spent a lot of time together, until the moment when Mai left the pack. Even when Mai was gone, Nava believes that someday they will see each other again. She miss him a lot,  and is very thankful for everything thing she learned from him.

Fawn: Mai has seen Fawn at the first time when she was walking nearby the forest, she felt some amazing feelings at that moment. Both got along with each other, becoming great friends and Mai had noticed that her feelings was beyond friendship, but she doesn't know if Fawn feel the same.

Mai is a calm and quiet wolf. When she was just a puppy she was very shy, but also very curious and had a big thirst for knowledge. She always liked to learn more about everything, and after she learned from Nava, she became more and more intelligent. Sometimes, she's seems to be very cold, but actually she's a very kind wolf, that just wanted to love and be loved.

Story: Mai was born on the middle of the autumn, she was the only puppy of the little . Her parents were members of the Nava's pack, and since she was just a puppy, she admired him because of his calm and knowledge. Nava saw a great potential on Mai, and decided to have her as his pupil, teaching everything he knows.
The seasons have passed, and Mai grew up. She has spent all her time learning from Nava, so she never made another friend in the pack, but she never cared about it, she thought she was fine alone. However, Nava didn't agree with this behavior. He knows that she wasn't exactly satisfied there, and decided make some attitude.
One day, Mai was looking at the sunset when Nava joined her. He made the proposal of her leave the pack, and find her own destiny. Mai was surprised at first, but she recognised that she wasn't  truly happy there, and she felt deep inside she was incomplete, and it may be the time for look for what she was missing.
With the approval of Nava, Mai left the pack, and started her journey, she didn't know exactly how she should do it, she just need to do. After  some days, she was losing her hopes, she still felt empty inside. Frustrated, Mai asked to a bunny that was passing there, what she needed to do, the bunny just jumped away, and because of some reason, Mai went after it.
Mai lost the bunny, but suddenly, she saw a husky walking nearby the forest, and even she was afraid of what could be the dog's reaction, she needed talk with her. Mai crossed Fawns path, and even the husky became surprised at first, they soon became great friends.

Art and Story (c) Me
Fawn (c) Me
Nava and background  (c) Universal


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