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Created by : roxie

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Luna(roxie)

Name: Luna

Nickname: Lu

Name pronunciation: Lu na

Name meaning: Moon


Age: Depends on use 

Generation: Aleu's

Parents: Steele and Unknown 

Grandparents: Unknown 

Grandchildren: None yet 

Siblings: Haali and 4 brothers 

Mate: Dingo 

Crush: Dingo 

Puppies: None yet 


Personality: Luna is  kind and caring. 

Likes: Her friends and siblings. 

Dislikes: Water

Friends: Balto, Dingo 

Foes: Water

Relation: Lives in the same town as Jenna, Balto and their puppies. Mate to Dingo. Balto saved Luna from drowning. 

Images made by me

Adopted from: Mogo Zoo13


History: Luna was born around the same time as Balto and Jenna's puppies. Luna's father Steele, was a sled dog champion. Her brothers were trained at a young age to be champions too. Luna and her sister Haali weren't allowed to train because they were girls. This saddened Haali as it was her dream. Luna on the other hand, had no interest in that kind of life.


She prefers to watch the races instead. This is were she met Dingo. A dark red husky who was also watching the race. When the race ended, Luna and Dingo accidentally got tangled up from the busyness of the crowd. Dingo laughed and introduced himself, Luna did the same as they untangled. They got along very well. Then they noticed the stares. 


Everyone was looking at them strange. It wasn't until Luna's father, Steele stood between them growling at Dingo. He explained that Dingo was one of Balto's sons. That Luna wasn't to speak to Dingo again. 


This sadden Luna a bit. Dingo didn't seem so bad. Rather sweet actually. Lost in her thoughts, she wasn't looking where she was going and had walked into some thin ice. It broke. 


She was struggling to stay above water, she tried to call for help but Luna was too far away from the town. She was about to drown when she saw a figure jump in after her. Luna passed out. Balto had dragged her out of water and away from the thin ice, towards his ship where she would be safe. 


When Luna woke, she was confused as to where she was. Balto appeared and explained that he helped her and what his name was. After finding out this was Balto, the dog her father hated, she asked him why. Why her father hates him and why he didn't want her talking to Dingo. 


After Balto explained everything, Luna and Dingo started dating in secret with only Balto and Haali knowing. They were soon mates and lived in one of the abandoned ships near Balto's, so Dingo could still visit his family. 



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