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Created by : xSilencex

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Lotas

Name- Lotas

Nicknames- Loker (by Blake)

Breed- Husky

Sex- Female

Age- Depends

Fur Color- Greys and brownish greys

Eye Color- Light blue

Other Appearance things: Has one dark grey paw, the back right one.

Job- Nurse

 Mate- Malakai

Crush- Has a crush on Blake

Crusher- Steele, open

Friends- BlakeWillowStriker, Jenna, Steele, open!

 Parents- Unknown

Siblings- Unknown

Halfsibs- None

Pups- None yet

Grandpups- None yet

Rendered- A thicker Jenna with a shorter snout.

 Personality- Lokar is a proud, confident girl who knows how to get what she wants. She is sweet but she knows right from wrong, and even though she knows everyone says it depends on opinoin, she knows something are wrong and will call you out on it. She lookes at every angle of a situation so that she understands fully, she will think of every pro and con and then when she knows all she calll she will make a judgement call. She always tries to do the right thing and will never be nasty without a darn good reason. She is a tough girl, looks like a flower but is a tough, fun loving, rough housing joker. She will take any insult but if you say something uncalled for about her friends or mate she will get nasty. She is also not into public display of affection, she believes that if you truely know you love someone, than you don't have to prove it to everyone around, she is very conservative. She is calm and never seens too happy or upset, she hides her emotions so other people don't have to deal with her.

Likes- Being groomed, warm weather, going to walks alone or with someone, she  loves attention, she likes helping people sort out problems and see whether they are in the wrong or right so that they can know how to deal with it. She likes being with friends but is seen alone as well. CATS....

Dislikes- Things that are clearly not okay, loud rude individuals, etc... 


Lotas was born in the same place as Jenna, they were raised together until the day Jenna was adopted, and when Lotas was adopted she was happy to find out that she was living on the other side of town from Jenna. They would always play as pups, and soon Striker joined the crew, the three girls would talk all day. Lotas also met Willow as a pup and the two became good friends secretly, Willow did not want anyone to know that she only trusted Lotas. That would of caused a big fight which neither of them wanted. As she grew a bit older, still young though she met Steele, the glory hound, and he was her first relationship, but it was one of those awkward ones when you are young, but almost a teen, so it didn't last long, Steele was too different from Lotas, in a very bad way and she did not like that at all. It was still a time when Steele was nicer so they stayed friends after that. 

When she became a teen she was chased by different males in town, but of course, so were the rest of her friends. She was not interested though, she was mature way beyond her years mentally, and knew what she wanted to do in her life, she wanted to do things that would be best, and she knew dating was not going to get her anywhere but on a road of broken hearts. She became a puppy sitter and earned payments of bones and treats, which would help her if she was going to go for long trips, or just wanted her own snack sometime while all the other dogs ate their treats right away. During her teen years was when she met Balto and Malakai, two males that really wanted her attention. She knew that Balto liked Jenna a lot, and Jenna liked him, so she stayed away, Balto was too much of a risk anyways, a dog as troubled as him wouldn't last if he was put in the life of Lotas where she was always helping others with their problems, that would build on Balto. She wouldn't want that for him. Since she was a bit older she thought maybe then was the time to finally try a real relationship so she started to get to know Malakai even though he is a wolf, but that is when Blake moved into town with his siblings. Blake being as handsome as he is swept her off her feet, they were perfect for eachother, but soon Blake started talking to Jenna, falling in love with not only her, but Lotas as well and even though Jenna had Balto, Blake is Lotas' best friend, and instead of breaking any hearts they agreed to stay that way even if it was hard. They will always love eachother deeply, but they can push past it, Blake started to do things to get his mind off it and Lotas started dating Malakai, and Blake was sad, but happy knowing Lotas will still be in his life, and even if Lotas was with Malakai, Blake and Lotas will always be closer, even if it  meant only in a friend way.

Lotas and Malakai stayed together and soon became mates, more soon to come!

Relation to Balto- Friends with Jenna, had a thing with Steele

Gen: Balto and Jenna's

Head and body shot by me c: Original images by universal


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June 01, 2014
Portugal Is not currently on the site
She's simply amazing. :icon40:

January 27, 2014
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She's actually perfect, her personality is amazing, her bio is brilliant and of course- she is gorgeous!

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