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Created by : Loreley

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Loreley

Name: Loreley

Age: 4 years

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Jenna

Ex-Mate: Jack

Mate: Steele

Pups: None

Crush: None

Personality: Shy, quiet, but noisy and playful around her friends. Wants to help others. Sweet and caring. Hates when someone is sad and always tries to make them happy. Likes to hang around with her friends and always tries her best to complete her goals. Good with pups and likes to play. Protective towards her sister Jenna and her friends. Sticks with her choices, and doesn´t like when someone tries to change her mind. Hesitant to speak up, and normally doesn´t take any part in conversations. Unsure about herself. Very supportive.

Likes: Summer, sunny weather, sleeping, swimming, playing, night, moonlight, singing, flowers, butterflies, hearing and telling stories.

Dislikes: Fighting, foxes, wolves, bears.

History: As a pup, Loreley was bullied because of her shy and quiet personality. She left Nome, and joined a wolf pack. But wolves from the pack didn´t agree her, because she was a dog. Three years later, she came back in Nome, and a young couple adopted her. Loreley fell in love with a stray named Jack, but Jack didn´t love her, so Loreley tried to forget about him. Loreley met her sister Jenna in Nome, and they became very close. She likes to play with Muk and Luk, and they are only bears who Loreley doesn´t hate. She likes to race with Balto and Kodi. One day, when she went on a walk with Jenna, she saw Ruby sitting alone. Loreley wanted to know her since she is her crush's sister, she started talking to her. But, Ruby started throwing insults at her. They started arguing. Then, they heard Jack howling. They ran towards the voice to see bear attacking Jack. The two females saved Jack, and then Jack surprisingly confesses to Loreley. Loreley is very happy, and confesses to him too. Ruby starts yelling at the new couple. Jack and Loreley leave Ruby into the forest. But later, Ruby accepts their relationship and she becomes friends with Ruby. One day, Steele comes to Loreley and starts flirting with her. Loreley flirts too, but Ruby catches them and yells at the two. She runs off to tell Jack about what happened. Loreley follows her. When Jack asks if it is true, Loreley tells the truth. Jack can't believe it and runs away. Loreley tries to run after him but Ruby stops her, saying that she has caused too much trouble, before running after Jack. Loreley ignores Ruby and follows her. Then she finds Ruby howling in sorrow near Jack's body. Loreley can't believe that Jack is dead. She runs back to Nome and bumps into Steele. Steele comforts her, and they become friends. One night, Steele finds Loreley sleeping in the boiler room. Ruby wakes up when Steele lays down next to her. They talk for a while, before Steele says that he has feelings for her. Loreley is surprised, but still kind of happy. She tells him that she likes him too.

Relation to Balto: Jenna´s sister, Steele's mate

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