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Detail Kreni


Name: Kreni

Age: 1-2 (His standard age)

Breed: 5/8 Wolf & 3/8 Husky

Parents: Niju & Aleu

Siblings: (1 of a litter of 10) NikoYakoneNilak, SanakAdak, YildunDesna, Aurel, and Spica.

Mate: Storm

Offspring: None

Personality: He is the wise-leader and brave hearted type relative to his siblings. Much like his grandfather Balto, he too knows how to lead in a kind hearted but firm way, he also has a strong sense of righteousness, without being too saintly. He treats all members of his pack with respect. His main flaw is his utter inability to give-up, even when the odds are against him, if a loved one needs him he will stop at nothing to insure their safety. Seeing as he isn’t superdog, this could end up with great harm to him. Luckily he listened to his father explaining Nava’s ancient techniques of combat, but he is reluctant to use them unless he sees no other option. He has the qualities to be a shaman, but lacks the patience in mediation; he’d make a much better pack leader. He really takes after Balto, though he never met him, he dreams of someday meeting his hero who his mother has told him tales of. But he feels his duties to the pack are too great to travel that far and search for his grandfather. He’d make a great sled-team leader if given the chance.

Likes:  Running, his pack mates, chasing caribou, he has an affinity for howling.

Dislikes:  Ignorance, bitterness, arrogance, oppressive creatures.

Fears:  Failure, fire.

Voice: D. B. Sweeney

 Realtion to Balto: Is Aleu & Niju’s son, making him Balto’s grandson.

More:  He dreams of meeting his heroic grandfather, so much so, that he is even considering the idea of leaving the pack for a season and traveling over the ice floes to Nome, in order to meet him, and returning when the ice floes reappear.  The fact that he’d be willing to leave his duties just shows how badly he yearns to be in his grandfather’s presence. He was usually (2nd perhaps to Spica)the most enthralled when his mother told of his grandfather and when his father told tales of the great Nava. He finally crossed the seasonal ice-floes to take his grand adventure to Nome- and realized it wasn't all he hoped it'd be. He got lost on his search for his grandfather and local dogs stared at him in the city.  He returned to the wilds outside of the city in Nome- where he met Storm, a tragically beautiful and pregnant daughter of Dusty and Ralph. He could see she needed help, and the ice bridge had disappeared early- he felt his ancestors were trying to tell him something. He stayed with her and helped her raise the pups until they were ready to go to the city to find homes. She somehow struck something in him, he'd never felt before and he wants to stay by her side on the outskirts of town. He hopes she'll stay with him, and he can make her life brighter- after all she'd been through.


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August 27, 2013
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Big Bad Mod
You need to update his profile xD

November 13, 2011
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Artemis is his niece-in-law, and Denali is his nephew-in-law xD Oh yeah, I forgot *FAVES*

October 16, 2011
Usa Female Is not currently on the site

June 27, 2011
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Yes, he is currently aiding her :]

June 27, 2011
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oh so he is the one who will help Storm right? *Faves*

June 23, 2011
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they are all so handsome >w

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