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*~Keanu Samuel Martin~*

*~Keanu Samuel Martin~*


Created by : Alias

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Animal/Human type : Wolfdog

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown


Detail *~Keanu Samuel Martin~*

Basic Info

Name: Keanu Samuel Martin

Also known As: Sam

Age: almost 4

Birthday: January 3rd

Gender: Mle

Breed(s): Timber Wolf

Fur Color(s): dark brown, & black

Eye Color(s): deep sparkley brown


Parents: Edmund & Carmen

Siblings: Noel, Kedian, Lissa, and Hart ((all are adoupted "half" siblings))

Mate(s):  none, but is taken by Clara (c) Cookie_Jar they just haven't done the deed yet :P

Loves: Clara, his family

Is liked by:  clara, and a female from his past: AnaLeene

Pups: none, but they will be on the way soon enough ^.^ he's kinda anxious and scared out of his mind to be a dad.

Other Information


Personality: He's strong, and fast-witted. He's quick in fights, and will never kill for fun. He has deep morals, and his only weakness is his family, or his Clara

Lives: with his family in the western mountains

Relation to Balto: his real mother, not carmen, was Balto's little sister

History:  Sam was born from a scragly pathetic little single mother. She was supposed to have a very large litter, But he was the only survivor. She named him Samuel after his biological father. He grew to be a lean, but strong puppy, for his mother often found it hard to find food in her condition. A few weeks after he was weaned, She slipped away in the night. When he woke, he desperatly tried to find her, successfully getting lost in the deep forest for days. Finnally, he came upon her corpse. He, only being a few months old, did not understand why she wouldn't move. He snuggled up against her, and tried to stay warm in the snow.

This is where our two young lovers come in. They were only 2 at the time, barely mates for a year, when they found the tiny ball of fur snuggled against a deceased mother. Carmen could not let herself leave him, and she quickly stole him away. Edmund fell for the tiny thing too, and they soon named him Keanu. He was their first child, and as most first time parents, they made alot of mistakes with him. When he grew old enough to talk, he told them that his real name was Samuel. It took them a while, but soon, "Keanu" became Sam. Half a year past, and Sam brought home a young puppy; Noel. Sam loved her, and she loved him. She was his baby sister from the moment they had met, and Edmund and Carmen loved her as well.

As the rest of the year passed, the rest of the puppers joined the family.

Kart was next, then Lissa. ((Kart and Lissa quickly fell for eachother, and got together, the second they learned they were not related))

The last to join was Kedian. When Kedian joined, Noel realized she had found the love of her life.

This left Samuel the only single wolf in his family. He hated the holidays. But, in the a moment of a perfect miricle, He met Clara. They fought at first, but quickly realized they were starcrossed, perfect for eachother.

She had to go throught a few....changes before he would truely accept her, but soon, he realized he loved her, just the way she was.

a More in-depth of his story is going to be featured in fanfic, which i am currently working on. at this moment.

As My char: back in our n00b days, me and Rammers had Sam and Clara. They were classic sparkle dogs. a few weeks ago, we both redesigned them. so, i decided it was time for him to be reborn and brough back to life

ART (c) Jordan for headshot

                me for bodyrender

Do NOT steal his design, his story, or any part of his biography. Please and Thank you.


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