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Julian (Aekaitz)

Julian (Aekaitz)


Created by : Aekaitz

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Julian (Aekaitz)


by xWolfPrincex


Name: Julian
Origin: France
Sex: Male
Age: 3.5
Species: Canine
Breed: Siberian Husky
Height: 2.5 Feet
Weight: 63lbs


Parents: Nicolai x Estelle
Siblings: Constance, Fletcher, Afrodille
Offspring: N/a

.Other Relations.

Mate: Silver
Friends: Jenna, Sylvie, Dixie, Open
Frenemies: Steele
Enemies: Fletcher
Pack, Team, House Pet?: House Pet


Personality: Julian is reserved, quiet, and fairly introverted to be quite honest. He is chivalrous and sweet, charming and charismatic. He does, however, have a hot temper, and can be very passionate about something very simple. He is also a bit confused at times, unaware and ignorant. He also has a tendancy to be depressed at times, and has very low points in emotion quite often. He is moderatly friendly, though a little shy, and a good, though inexperienced lover and shoulder ot cry on.
Likes: Silver, thunderstorms, large cities, Constance, being alone, snow.
Dislikes: Fletcher, fire, being locked in a dark place alone, mice and rats.

.Balto Relation.

Once close friends with Steele; now dislikes him due to how he has changed. Jenna is a friend (best friends with his sister Constance.) Is warming up to Kaltag, though he is troubled by his closeness with Steele.


Julian was born in Times Square, New York in the year of 1921. He was born to a rich second generation French family, two people by the names of Cristofor and Therese Auzenne, with his mother Estelle and three siblings, Constance, Fletcher, and Afrodille. His father, Nicolai, belonged to another wealthy family, two second generation Russians named Sevastian and Iovilla Dmitriev. When the two parents were bred, Nicolai's masters were promised the best male out of all the pups, and that male turned out to be Julian. Cristofor and Therese ended up being quite attatched to Julian, and their futile attempts to hide him in a closet backfired, and Julian left with the Russians to stay, with nothing but the haunting memory of his brother Fletcher's enraged face.

While there, he met his father, Nicolai, and learned the ways of this new household, though he missed his mother and was haunted by his brother's rage, he was ahppy to have met his father and learn about where else he came from. He grew up to be sophisticated and poised, much like his father, and he knew how to treat people right and be a good dog. On his first birthday, however, the Russian family was targeted by poorer people, and the house was burned ot the ground, though Nicolai and Julian made it safely to the French household. Due to the recent attacks on the wealthy in New York, all of the dogs, including Nicolai and Julian, were packed up in a small train car, and they were headed to Alaska.

After a long trip, they arrived and scoped out the town where they were to settle; Nome, Alaska. Julian roved the town for quite awhile, not planning on heading home till after dark. By the time he began his trek home, he met up with his brother Fletcher and learned the reason behind the face that had haunted him for so long. Fletcher basically hated Julian's guts for being handsome, muscular, and an all around nicer dog than he was, and for being the Russians first choice, while Fletcher was coldy rejected. This troubled Julian, and set the course for his frequest low points in emotional standards.

The next years flew by, and soon Julian and his siblings turned three years old in 1924. They celebrated togehter, though Julians still acted like the introvert he was, and were all given huge slabs of juicy steaks. When Fletcher again turned Julian away, he lost his appetite and lay on the porch, wondering what he ahd done to deserve this. Other than genetics, of course. Constance found him this way and forced him to go to a party that night, where he would be forced ot celebrate this momentus occasion of turning three. At the party, he met many a dog, including Steele, the recently appointed lead dog of his team, Jenna, who had moved ot town a year or so ago, Chief, Steele's uncle who Julian honestly did not like at all, Nilla and Chandler, two females who had been living in Nome for a while, and numerous others, not noticing the looks many females gave him from time to time. All except for one. The one female, Silver, had caught eyes with him and turned away, looking disgusted. This image hung with him for the rest of the night. Especially later.

When a ravenous pack of wolves attacked the party, Julian was shoved into a nearby shed and knocked out by a falling block of wood. The next morning, whe he tried to get the front door open, it wouldnt budge, and the sarcastic voice of Silver startled him. Apparently, the door wasnt moving, and this highly frustrated Julian. Soon, the two roommates butted heads big time, screaming and growling in each others faces, over a very small issue that got blown up very big. That left the atmosphere very tense and almost unbearable.

On the week anniversary of the time they had spent locked up in that shed, nighttime brought a huge thunderstorm that Julian savored every minute of. Silver, however, did not. A large clap of thinder shook her from her sleep, and Julian found a tear streaked face staring back at him every time the lightning illuminated the black room.  The night ended in Julian comforting her, she was deathy afraid of being locked in the tiny confines of the shed until she died. It was the pinnicle moment in their bumpy relationship. The next morning, they were saved by the rescue team of Steele, Constance and Athena, and they went their seperate ways.

In the months after, he found himself repeatedly confused on his feelings about her. He was supposed ot hate her! She continually gave him dirty looks and screamed in his face while locked in that shed. But that last night was special. They shared something that night that Julian could not shake from his mind. And all of this led up to early 1925, when an epidemic struck Nome and a certain hero must save them all.

Created by Aekaitz Art and Design, 2012. You may NOT use him as a roleplay character. Artwork and design (c) Aekaitz 2019

You MAY use him in artworks though! If you're interested in RP relations, please PM me <3


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