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Created by : Jordan.

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Jordan;

Name: Jordan

Age: 4 years

Breed: wolf

Parents: Thalia & Jade

Siblings: Lilly

Mate: broken relationship with Koko

(she was with Ramon before but that relationship ended up terribly and Chase was an almost-mate of her)

Pups: Ataneq, Kaya & Mirala

Pack: none, was the alpha female of the Unalaq

Personality: Jordan is a difficult character. She can be very outgoing and sociable at times but only when she´s around the ones she knows and really trusts in. Around strangers she acts cold and doesn´t really talk to them. It´s her way to protect herself from getting hurt mentally. After some bad experiences – rejections, getting “forgotten” by close friends – she swore herself that nobody will ever hurt her like that ever again. Around her pack she was caring, sweet and kind  but also got the sternness to lead her pack without any trouble. Jordan was a loving mate and mother and isn´t afraid to die if it would keep her young and the pack safe.      

Likes: Jordan loves the view over wide meadows and plains. Sometimes she´s just sitting on top of a small hill, watching the distance, feeling the wind gently touching her skin. Other stuff she likes is watching the sunset, the smell of the air after rain or a thunderstorm, sitting next to the small river near her den; listening to the gurgle of the water; sometimes dipping her paws into it, running –just to feel the speed-,  wind blowing trough her fur, long walks trough the forest; mostly when it´s covered in snow and the sound of rain hitting the leafs and the ground of the forest. Also she likes her mother, her father, everyone of her native pack. She loves her pups.

Dislikes: Jordan hates liars and jerks. When she notices someone fooling her she gets really, really angry. Other stuff she doesn´t like is heat, being forced to do something she doesn´t want to do, traitors, glory hounds, being around strangers & her sister.

History: Jordan and her sister Lilly where born in the Old Rock pack. She was a very playful, outgoing, active young wolf who loved to explore the world. She often got in trouble and had to stand yelling sessions of her father for being too far away from home. She and her sister shared a pretty normal sibling relationship. Sometimes they liked each other but some minutes later they tried to “kill” each other. But most of the time she was on top of a small hill playing with her friends Koko & Heart. As she was about 12 weeks old Koko vanished, his pack got attacked by an other one. Nobody knew if he was still alive or not. It was the first time her heart broke. Time went by and Jordan grew to a well shaped, fast young adult. She was a bit naïve at time and thought that nobody would ever try to hurt her. One day she accidentally tripped in a hunter´s trap and got saved by an handsome male just in time. She fell for hime from the first moment on. She was happy to be with him but that happiness shouldn´t last long. All she knew didn´t like him, they said that there was something suspicious on him but Jordan didn´t believe that. She was kind of love-blind. One night Ramon tried to force her to “become one” with brutality. She only could escape ´cause her father was around their den and heard her screaming. That night changed her completely. Her social, outgoing personality faded into a distrusting, cold, defending way to be. Everyone around her noticed that she wasn´t the same anymore. Even her sister felt kind of pity for her. After some month of sad loneliness she met a strange wolf  wandering around the territory. Soon she found out that he was just a young one who got separated from his pack. She decided to help him even if he was a stranger and she didn´t like him very much. Raksha, who was the alpha of the pack at present, offered him stay with the pack for the winter. And Chase willed in. Some time passed and a tender friendship grew between them. But there was not a single day she wasn´t thinking about Koko. She still missed him. One mild autumn night she and Chase where at the beach, watching the sky as he told her the true reason for his staying. He was in love. He was crazy for her. As they where about to share their first loving caresses under the northern lights, everything what happened during the past time flooded back to her mind. She backed off and ran away, leaving a confused Chase behind. She ran trough the forest like she used to do everytime she was upset, worried, confused or in fear. She went to her good old hill where she used to play with Koko & Heart as they where pups. She lay there watching the night sky, tears in her eyes. That was the night where she met her beloved Koko again. Both where grown now but their friendship was still the same. All her sadness was blown away within one second. From that moment on they never got separated again. They dug their own den and made up their own two-member pack. They needed nobody else than each other. One day Jordan found four half year old pups wandering through the forest. They seemed familiar and soon Jordan knew why. They where the offspring of Cristalline and Norook, two wolves living not very far away from them. The pups told her that their mother was gone some time ago and that their father died because of a bullet wound the last week. Altough Jordan wasn´t old enough to raise pups she knew that they wheren´t able to survive out in the woods without the care of an adult. So she decided to take them with her and care for them. Koko was very surprised and a bit worried if they both would be able to care for four half-grown wolves but he tried his best to be a father for them. And it worked. Yukon, Haven, Alpine & Denali grew and became stronger and stronger with every day. Some weeks later they found another young wolf helpless walking on the search for food. She was about the age of their other adopted pups. Koko & Jordan decided to adopt her also. So Kat was the new, a bit younger, sister of Yukon, Haven, Alpine & Denali. Everything was fine until heavy rainfalls made the ground around their den slippery and some rocks destroyed their den, Denali still in it. Lucky Koko managed to squeeze trough a small whole between two rocks and save him. But they where homeless. So they went back to the Nunatqs, Koko´s native pack. And they let them stay. As Jordan & Koko´s adopted young where old enough to stand on their own paws they left the pack to try their own luck and explore the world. But Yukon swore to come back, sooner or later. Some time after their leaving Koko & Jordan made up a new den for a new independence. Soon they had their own litter of 3 pups, two other died still inside Jordan´s body by an attack of Ramon while she was pregnant. As the pups where about 2 weeks old their adopted daughter Kat came back, she followed her “parent´s scent, she found on a hunting trip and finally found them. One week later the other four where also back at their “parent´s”. So The Unalaq pack was born. Or better, the Unafamily… That luck wasn´t suppost to last long. Due to some misunderstandings she and Koko broke up and Jordan left the pack taking Ataneq and Mirala with her. Kaya stayed with her father. At first she planned going back to her native pack but didn´t. She and her pups found an old abandoned den some miles away from their former territory.


Relation to Balto: Jordan lives in a forest near White Mountain, the packs oldest of her native pack is the brother of Nava,


Other: I randomly gave her the name “Jordan”; I was watching the TV series “Crossing Jordan” as I designed her and her sister. That´s where she got that name. First she was meant to be black and grey but I made her two tone grey because the lines are hard to see on black “fur”. She´s also used as my fursona. (Page here)

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Hey, check my gallery. Jordan is done!:)

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She's really pretty!

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No, I use GIMP, it┤s basically like photoshop but free.

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do u use photoshop?

March 26, 2012
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August 28, 2011
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No Koko and Jordan broked up that's terrible! I really liked those two (cries for them):cry: Anyway I really luvs her!;)

May 11, 2011
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She is really pretty *favs*

March 26, 2011
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Koko and Jordan split up?:cry: That's so sad, they were such a cute couple. She's a beauty! *Favs*:)

March 24, 2011
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Arctic Surrender Pack
Totally faving!! *favs*

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