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John Reed

John Reed


Created by : Anthonize

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail John Reed

Name: John Reed

Breed: Wolf/ Siberian Husky

Parents: Jonas Reed and Geminine Reed

Siblings: Jane Reed

Age: Young Adult

Personality: John is kind and curious but yet very quiet unless spoken too. He barely smiles and is almost all the time serious and brave.

Crush: None Yet

Mate: None

Pups: None


John Reed was originally a human and was in the future (present day). He lived with his best friend's father who was abusive. One day John went to his fathers storage unit (who John hated because his father never paid attention to him) after Johns father and mother passed away. While looking through the storage unit, he finds a talisman with a green stone in the middle of it. John thinks it looks cool and takes it home. When John gets home the doorbell rings. John opens it to find four police officers asking for him to step outside. John does as asked and steps outside as the officers look around to make sure nobody is around. Then the police officers uniforms shape shift into normal clothes revealing the same talisman on each of the four men. John gets freaked out and runs away as one of the men shoot a small sticky gps tracker on Johns back. The men eventually find John in a wide alleyway and ask for the talisman. John rips the talisman off of himself and raises it in the air as the four men look at it with a weird expression. John looks at the talisman finding the stone in the middle is a different color. As one of the men lunge at John, John disappears as John falls into a white abyss dropping the talisman. John wakes up finding himself in snow. He tries to get up and falls seeing his hand is now a paw. He gets up and runs to some ice and sees that he is a wolfdog. John looks around and finds a boat and walks towards it. As he walks inside he bumps into Balto. Startled, Balto almost bites John telling him to leave. As John leaves he remembers that he dropped the talisman in the white abyss so he starts looking around and sees a small town. As he is walking in the town he steps on a piece of newspaper. As he reads it he realises that the town he is in is Nome. He starts wandering through the town and stumbles across a hangout of dogs. Everyone stops and looks at him as John asks what are they looking at. One of the dogs  reply saying that they have not seen another wolf dog in there in years. John asks who is the other wolfdog as they reply "Balto". John asks who is balto as all of the dogs explain the story about balto and the serum run. They later explain a 'Legend' of a spirit that is sort of like the grim reaper. Later John leaves And sees the talisman on the street. As John is about to retrieve it, a human picks it up and walks into a building. As angry as John is he cant do anything because he is a wolf dog. He realizes that it is night and needs to sleep. As he is walking around to find a place to sleep he yet again bumps into Balto. John apologizes about what happened earlier and tells him what is going on. Balto (since he has experienced some unusual things in the past) believes him a little bit but lets him sleep in the boat. The next day John wakes up remembering that the talisman is lost. He finds out that the humans have figured out that the talisman has powers and are going to send a team of sled dogs out to Nenana for further inspection. John asks Balto if he is going to be in the team as he says no. That night he figures out that if the sled team successfully makes it to Nenana it could change the future since Johns father made the talisman in future and the humans could make more resources with the stone in the talisman and that would mean John would be wiped out of existence. That night while the sled team heads out to Nenana, John tracks them down meanwhile the four men tracked John down to Nome. Later, John gets trapped in an avalanche and he see's the 'Legend' or 'Spirit' It tells John that most of Johns life, John has cared nothing but himself and that John was getting the talisman just for himself. The spirit later says that if he does not destroy the talisman because it can do serious harm to others, then john would get a cruel punishment . John eventually gets out of the avalanche and tracks the sled team down and retrieves the talisman by replacing the talisman with a normal necklace secretly. While returning back to Nome John comes across the four men and takes the talisman and dropping John off the bridge hitting the ice below. One of the men combines the power of the other talismans into his talisman and betrays the three by sucking the souls into the man's talisman. John then wakes up in a white area seeing the spirit who transforms into Johns father meaning the spirit was johns father the whole time. His father explains that the reason why he never paid attention to John was because he was making the talisman for John and his mother and his sister who passed away shortly after she was born. John did not know that he had a sister as his father explains further that there is five talismans and one of them is a talisman that hold the power of all and that the men wanted to combine the power of the talismans to become more powerful. Johns father says that he loves him as John wakes up as the mans talisman splits into two, one of them teleporting onto John. He then defeats the man because there was too much power in the mans talisman destroying him and his talisman. As John is about to go back into the future he thinks that he could have a better life where he is now then the future and decides to stay in Nome.


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