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Jetto (Ani)

Jetto (Ani)


Created by : Animorphs#1

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Jetto (Ani)

Name: Jetto

Nicknames: Jett, JetJet

Age: Varies

Breed: Wolfdog

Parents: TBC

Siblings: Dante, Bailey, and Zasha (all (c) me)

Personality: He's a kind, reasonable guy with morals and his head on his shoulders. Jetto's kinder than his brother, Dante, and is more considerate of others as well. He's very responsible and is loyal to those he cares about; It takes a while for him to get angry, mostly just getting irriatated, but when he's angry he has a tendency to start shouting and yelling and it takes him a while for him to blow off steam. He's not very tolerable of idiots and won't associate with them. Jetto is usually level-headed and rational, unless angry, and he's good at solving problems because of it; he's also the voice of reason in many arguements. Jett is also a perfectionist and won't let something be unless it's perfect. Sometimes he can be awkward and can trip over his own words as well as objects around him.With those he knows, he's sweet and generous, always eager to help those he cares about. Because of his calm demeanor, he can get put off by someone who's easily excitable. Jetto recognizes his heritage, but doesn't quite like the wild outdoors. He'd much rather prefer to stay in town.

Job: Sled dog (lead)

Likes: Peace, when others get along, his family (including his humans), relaxing, working, playing and having fun

Dislikes: Fighting, especially with his brother, all things loud, pain, the wild, his brother, sometimes

Mate: None

Crush(es): None

Pups: None yet

History: His father, a wolf, wandered into town and had fallen for his mother, a sled dog. Later, she gave birth to four pups, Jetto being the last born. His father would try to visit them in secret, so his mother's owners wouldn't find out; when his mother's owners discovered her pregnancy, they were less than excited. They were angry when they discovered the pups were half wolf and knew they couldn't get much money off of them.

Jetto was the smallest and youngest of his litter and faught for his place among his siblings. His brother always pushed him around, teasing him, and he's still messed with to this day. He had to prove he wasn't a pushover and the humans noticed Jetto's determination, deciding he'd make a good sled dog. He was adopted by the son of Steele's musher, and, so, his training began.

Throughout his adolescence, Jetto would train vigorously, getting better and better as the days went on. He was able to brag to his brother about how good he was, elated that he could finally hold something over his brother's head. Jett was placed as a swing dog, but he desired to be lead dog. He knew he'd have to work to get to that position. Being new on a team with more experienced and older dogs, it was a little aunting, but he quickly grew to like his teammates and they gave him pointers on sledding that the humans couldn't give him. He won his first race, filled with pride in himself and his team. They'd steadily get better and better, until they ranked one of the best sled teams around. Jetto did earn his place as lead dog, leading his team to victory using his encouragement and wit. He began to grow quite the following. 

Other: It's not shown in his pictures, but Jetto wears the champion collar that Steele used to own.

Relation to Balto: He's owned by Steele's musher's son

Voice: Josh Hutcherson

Adopted from Zukitz. Jetto's design and headshot are (c) Zukitz

Original images (c) Universal


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He's cute :D

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He's lovely, Ani! < 33

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