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Jade (AW)

Jade (AW)


Created by : GreyAmy

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Jade (AW)

Name: Jade


Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Breed: Wolf(72%), dog (28%)


Father: Balto

Mother: Jenna

Siblings (first litter): Kodi, Saba, Dingo, Aleu and  Jabinna 

Siblings (second liter): Reeoby, Rondo, ...


Friends: (open)

Enemies: (open)

Crush: None yet

Crush on her: ...


Mate: None yet

Pups: None


Job: Sled dog

Team Position: Swing Dog


Personality: Jade is as beautiful as her mother and shares the same admiration and attention that her mother received in her time. But unlike Jenna, Jade is not interested in the slightest on being the center of attention, she delights in simple things like taking a walk, admire the Northern Lights, chat with friends, visit their many siblings... Jade is a girl kind and relaxed. She is pretty but she doesn´t like fill herself of compliments and flattery. She likes feel part of a team, work hard and get it dirty while she does. Jade is a simple girl who lives happily in the city of Nome and is proud to be called the daughter of a wolfdog.


History: After Aleu left, Balto and Jenna felt lonely and decided they wanted have more children. After a few months another litter was born, with 5 pups who were this time, a perfect blend of both parents. Among them was a puppy that was born with the complexion of a wolf, but the colors of a husky. She had beautiful green eyes that shone like a couple of gems, at the end their parents named Jade.

Jade grew full of praise and compliments. Other dogs admired her for its beauty, but she did not seem this extraordinary. She was never flirty or presumed, on the contrary, she hated people who were so.

Jade is not the kind of girl who cares too much about her appearance no, she's wild and fun , likes to play in the rain, get muddy and roll in the grass.

After live like a house pet for almost a year. Jade decided she could do more than that. So she start to think about being a sled dog.

She may not look like a race dog but she was fast and agile, she only needed a chance to prove it.
Finally, she had an opportunity. A new race team was forming, so humans began to taste dogs to find the better ones. Jade was among the fastest dogs, and being the daugther of the legendary hero Balto, she had no problems to enter the team.
The leader was no other than is brother, Rondo. She didn´t like the idea of being around him all the day, or received orders from him but still she accept the job. She was tired of being just a pet, so tired she could try anything!... And she did.

So life in Nome, began to seem boring , Jade began to think and leave town .
But then a tragedy happened : The great Balto fell ill . He was suffering from a serious and rare illness that no doctor could cure or even diagnose. Nobody knew what was happening buthe  was deteriorating quicly.
When humans gave up , the dogs of the city came together to form a plan. It was deduced that this disease could not be from a dog, but a " wolf." That was the reason that human doctors could not help him, they knew nothing of diseases of wolves. But then who could help?
Of course they thought of seeking help from Aleu , daughter of Balto , but it was so time ago since no one had seen her! His location was unknown dont even know if was still alive.
The trip was too risky and there was no hope ... Canine meeting ended and concluded that Balto would have no salvation.
But Jade could not accept that, not without a fight.







Lineart by Kalenka DA

Design by Me


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I here by ground your character for stealing my Homestuck name and not loving a wolfe' named Dave. I mean uhh...nice character Buddy :D

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