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Created by : roxie

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Grace(roxie)


Name:  Grace
Breed: Husky
Sex: Female


Personality: playful,shy,kind and can get a bit defenceive
Talents/ Abilities: singing and has a way with pups
Weaknesses: car't stand up for her self if bullied or teased she just takes it then crys later.
Dreams: to love and be loved back
Fears: The Dark


Paw Pads:  dark purple
Inner Ears: 

eye colour: green


Parents: unknown
Siblings: Steele
Love Interest: star
Mate: star
Pups: not yet

History: Grace is the yougest of two pups, her and Steele. When  grace and Steele wre six weeks the were put up for adoption to find new homes. Grace was adopted by a little girl who lived next door to Rosy and Jeena. Jeena and Grace played every day from pups to teens they were the best of friends. One say the two friends were on a walk together, when a strange, but very cute dog (or they thought it was a dog but, both dog and wolf)  walked past. He smiled at them as he past,they smiled back. Grace and Jenna giggled soon after. Later that day Steel and his friends were making fun of the stranger they pat earlier that day. Jenna stands up for him. Steele confussed, said "Why would you do that? he's part wolf". Jenna and Grace both gasped. " I don't care what he is" said Jenna looking back at the stranger. " He's better then you'll ever be",she said.  Steele mummbels something and walks of. "Thanks for that" said the stranger. " My name is Balto," " I am Jenna, don't let them talk to you like that".  Balto and Jenna walk off together leaveing Grace and Steele's friends behind. Steele's friends walked off exept for star, who was just staring at Grace. Grace looks over to star "yes?..." she asks. " oh, umm you look so nice to day" Star stuttered. " oh, Thank youstar, umm i was going to go home now, do you whant to walk with me?" Grace asked sweetly " sure, of course" star said. they walk off together half way there star asks Grace out she agrees and the the next morning Steele finds out and starts going of at her. Grace upset that her older bother isn't happy for her runs of to Jenna. They start to argue about Balto then Steel and Then Star. Grace runs off. not looking were she's going she knocked into Star. Grace looks at him and huggs him while she cryed. He didn't whant to ask what had mad her so upset so they stayed at his place. soon Grace calmed down enough to explain things to star. He didn't judge her or press the subjet. the next day they ran away together. Grace and star find a nice cave and it became there new home. 

 Hope you enjoyed Grace's page.




Relation to Balto:  Steele's little sister, former best friend to Balto, live next door to Rosy and loves star.
Name meaning: God's favor.


Head base by  wolfdog

Body base by Jordan


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