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Created by : xSilencex

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Ghost

Name- Ghost

Nicknames- None 

Breed- Wolf

Sex- Male

Age- Depends

Fur Color- Shades of grey

Eye Color- Hazel

Job- None, lone wolf

 Mate- Honeyleaf

Crush- Open


Friends- He is a lone wolf, never stays in one place so he does not have time for friends

Enemies- Alue, Open

 Parents- Unknown but deceased

Siblings- They were killed when they were grown, Poppy and Snape, open to make

Halfsibs- None

Pups- None yet

Grandpups- None yet

Rendered- A strong, less scruffy version of Balto, more sleek and wolf-like

 Personality- Ghost is a sad soul, he keeps to himself and is very mysterious. He is level-headed and knows wrong from right, but has a cocky side, he is a very nice looking wolf so he knows how to use those looks, He can be charming, never rude but 

Likes- The night, howling, being alone, taking walks, hunting, running.

Dislikes- Day time, very hyper creatures, more people, most animals

History- Ghost was born into a small wolfpack in Alaska, he has a family, a mother, father, a sister named Poppy who had striking yellow/green eyes rimmed with black, and a brother, Snape, who had Hazel eyes like Ghost, they grew up happy until a neighboring pack decided to take over. His parents were killed and a pack memeber tried to help the pups get away. They did, but it was too much for Ghost to handle. He ran away from his siblings and the wolf who saved them and never looked back. He lived on his own for his puppyhood, learning to hunt by himself, fight, he became very powerful, as a puppy he could evade a fullygrown wolf if it was smaller. By the time he was a teen, he would take down two strong males by himself and could take down large prey. He meet many females but never stayed with them, they would not leave their lives for a lone wolf with no idea what he was going to do with life. One day he was ended up around where is parents were killed and that same pack that took over when he was a pup came out from the trees. The one that killed his parents looksed at him, eyes blazing, and as he was about to attack a young female jumped out from behind all the wolves. 

"Draven! Stop your father! Bring out my brother!" She yelled behind her as she bounded toward Ghost and the big male.

A dusty white wolf stepped out from the wolves as well, a strong looking male, with piercing blue eyes that never changed to another color like they normally would. 

The female got closer and her eyes were a sunshine yellow with black, "Poppy?...." Ghost whispered, as she licked hs cheek, she nodded...

Ghost was invited to stay in the pack, only because his sister was mates to the alphas son, but he could not bare to be there when those wolves killed his parents so he left. And when he left is when he met Aleu, which can be read about below.

Relation to Balto- He was attacked by Aleu's pack when he accidentally went onto their territory, she stopped her pack from the attack when she realized he meant no harm and Aleu took him in for a day to let him regain strength. When Ghost was all cleaned off Aleu noticed how handsome this male is and convinced him to stay a bit longer. Aleu tried to make this male her mate but Ghost wanted nothing to do with her. He thought she was spoiled, whiney, and a brat. He wanted someone more like him, well, anyone but her. When she realized he wouldnt be her mate she raged and was out for blood. She chased him out and would not hold back next time she saw him. They meet up a lot and it never goes well

Gen: Aleu's

Design by Troll, headshot and full body also by Troll, picture above made by me. 


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